RHOBH Recap:  Crystal Minkoff Calls Annemarie Wiley ‘A Bitch’ Over Sutton Stracke Drama


After three seasons on RHOBH, Crystal Minkoff FINALLY earned her diamond by going ham on newbie Annemarie Wiley and dubbing her “a bitch.”

Crystal Minkoff‘s disdain for Annemarie Wiley came to a head on Wednesday’s episode of RHOBH when she defended Sutton Stracke at Dorit Kemsley‘s Homeless Not Toothless gala.

“You said she lied!” Crystal told Annemarie on the January 17 episode of RHOBH when the topic of conversation once again turned to Sutton’s esophagus issues.

“I said what she said does not make sense medically,” Annemarie, a board-certified nurse anesthetist, fired back.

Erika, Crystal, Garcelle, and Sutton attend Dorit's Homeless Not Toothless gala on RHOBH.
Erika, Crystal, Garcelle, and Sutton attend Dorit’s Homeless Not Toothless gala on RHOBH.

On a previous episode of RHOBH, Sutton claimed that she has an “esophagus disorder” that causes her esophagus to narrow and makes eating certain foods very difficult.

The RHOBH newbie then tried to throw Crystal under the bus by claiming she was the one who insinuated Sutton had an eating disorder.

“Crystal, you were the one saying she has an eating disorder,” Annemarie claimed, when, in fact, she was the one who made the assumption about Sutton’s issue.

The 40-year-old mom of two, who has been open about her own struggles with an eating disorder, clapped back, “Are you out of your mind?”

“You literally spent two hours talking about [Sutton] to where [Garcelle Beauvais] and I literally had to leave because it was so annoying,” Crystal continued.

Crystal calls RHOBH newbie Annemarie "a bitch."
Crystal calls RHOBH newbie Annemarie “a bitch.”

In her confessional interview, Annemarie said, “I am trained to be a critical thinker, so when I hear something that doesn’t make sense… Crystal didn’t you want to go to med school? If you went to med school you’d get that.”

Crystal then dubbed the RHOBH newbie “such a bitch.”

Then, a scene from the RHOBH cast’s recent trip to Oaji flashed on the screen. In the scene, Crystal says she almost went to medical school before meeting her now husband, Rob Minkoff. After meeting Rob and falling in love, she decided to forgo going to medical school.

Annemarie took a shot at Crystal’s decision in her confessional, saying, “Her husband wouldn’t have waited for her. So I think that Crystal resents me because I’m in the medical profession. She’s taking out what she didn’t get to do on me.”

Eventually, Annemarie apologized to Sutton; however, the ladies of RHOBH couldn’t get over seeing Crystal go after Annemarie.

Garcelle Beauvais noted that Crystal was “heated all the way around” with Annemarie. “I’ve actually never seen Crystal like that, I didn’t know she had that in her,” Kyle Richards added.

RHOBH season 13 cast: Erika Jayne, Crystal Minkoff, Sutton Stracke, Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, Garcelle Beauvais, Annemarie Wiley attend Homeless Not Toothless Gala in Los Angeles
RHOBH season 13 cast: Erika Jayne, Crystal Minkoff, Sutton Stracke, Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, Garcelle Beauvais, and Annemarie Wiley attend the Homeless Not Toothless Gala in Los Angeles.

This drama all went down before the group entered the ballroom for Dorit’s event. During the event, the ladies of RHOBH huddled around to hash out their drama before heading on their trip to Spain.

Sutton admitted that she was upset that Annemarie went “behind [her] back telling everybody stuff.” However, Annemarie refused to subscribe to that narrative but ultimately did apologize to Sutton, and they had a deep conversation bout her Ephesus issues.

As for Annemarie’s drama with Crystal, the RHOBH newbie says she has “absolutely no intention of talking” to the Real Coco founder.

“Crystal owes me an apology. She mocked my profession. It’s really unfortunate.” she added.

Meanwhile, Crystal noted that if Annemarie “doesn’t talk” to her in Spain, “it might even be better.”

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