Luann de Lesseps Slams Bethenny Frankel’s Attacks on Bravo and Andy


Luann de Lesseps bashes Bethenny Frankel at her Christmas cabaret show for going after Bravo and Andy Cohen with her Reality Reckoning.

Luann de Lesseps has a bone to pick with former Real Housewives of New York co-star Bethenny Frankel over her “Reality Reckoning.”

A source tells Page Six that Luann de Lesseps‘ comment was in response to a fan asking her thoughts on the Skinnygirl mogul.

The RHONY Legacy star slammed Bethenny Frankel for going after Real Housewives executive Andy Cohen and Bravo/NBC University.

Bethenny Frankel and Leah McSweeney appear in Hulu's new special Reality Reckoning?
A preview of Hulu’s new special: Reality Reckoning?

“Now, back to Bethenny. You know, listen, why bite the hand that feeds you?” Luann quipped at her “A Very Countess Christmas” at 54 Below in New York City.

“Why bite Andy? Why bite NBC?” Lu asked.

Luann de Lesseps continued to blast the Rewives podcast host, which excited the audience at her cabaret show.

“You know, just go off into the sunset,” she said of Bethenny. “You make millions and gazillions of dollars. If you claim you do, then why are you still harping on us? Why are you talking about us?”

The Countess then referenced one of Bethenny’s iconic RHONY lines, shouting, “Leave us alone! Go to bed! Go to bed! Go to bed!”

Bethenny Frankel and Luann de Lesseps battle on RHONY.
Bethenny Frankel and Luann de Lesseps battle on RHONY.

A source says that Bravo fans went “wild” for Luann’s Christmas cabaret show in the Big Apple.

Since the summertime, Bethenny Frankel has been going after Bravo, NBC Universal, and Andy in her fight for better treatment of reality TV stars.

This summer, the Skinnygirl mogul launched a war on Bravo by filing a lawsuit that claimed the network manipulates reality stars and plows them with alcohol to create drama on their shows.

Bethenny is also trying to organize a reality TV union for stars to get better contract deals, more protection, and other benefits like residuals and other forms of financial compensation for their work on reality TV. She is also demanding that networks allow its stars to break nondisclosure agreements.

She has dubbed Andy “gross” and “problematic.” The 53-year-old former New York Housewife later claimed she has “no personal vendetta against” the Bravo executive.

Andy Cohen and Bethenny
Andy Cohen and Bethenny

In October, Bethenny doubled down on her efforts to create “systemic change” in the reality TV universe but insisted she wasn’t planning to sue Bravo.

“I’ve now spent time with and understand many of them — absent of cameras, publicists, media articles, and shows designed to bring out our worst. I adored many of them long before reality TV and began to strongly dislike many of them,” Bethenny shared on Instagram at the time.”

She continued, “To be successful in reality TV, you must kill or be killed. To not get dirty is to get fired. Someone is winning, and someone is losing in this zero-sum game where people like myself get rich, and the less strategic go broke or got canceled.”

Upon claims she is “bitting the hand that feeds” her, Bethenny quipped that the “hand deserves to be bitten.”

“We have fed the machine ratings, ad dollars, catchphrases, and content. We get filthy, and they get filthy rich,” she said.

RHUGT: RHONY Legacy is currently available on Peacock.

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