RHOSLC Recap: Lisa Barlow’s Latest Meltdown Is Hot Mic Rant 2.0


Deja vu?! After a heart fight with RHOSLC co-star Whitney Rose, Lisa Barlow launched into an epic rant much like her season two hot mic moment.

Lisa Barlow‘s meltdown on the November 28th episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is anything but baby-gorgeous.

The 48-year-old’s tirade at Meredith Mark‘s jewelry launch went down after Whitney Rose confronted Lisa Barlow for not offering her condolences over the death of her best friend, Shari.

Whitney was upset that Lisa walked into Meredith’s party and immediately presented Heather Gay with a gift instead of offering her support and condolences.

“It hurts when you walk up and pass me and go straight to Heather [Gay] and give her gifts,” Whitney told Lisa. “I need you to acknowledge I lost my best friend.”

Lisa denied snubbing Whitney, firing back, “I can’t always keep a mental calculator of everything going on with everyone at all times. It wasn’t about lack of concern for you.”

Whitney and Lisa during RHOSLC Season 4, Episode 12. Photo: Bravo
Whitney and Lisa during RHOSLC Season 4, Episode 12. Photo: Bravo

The Wild Rose Beauty founder admitted she was shocked by Lisa’s lack of sympathy, considering the night before Meredith’s event, she told Lisa that her best friend had died after battling cancer.

She told Lisa, “You did not have any self-awareness to be like, ‘Whitney, I should see her first, then Heather.'”

In her confessional interview, Lisa admitted the real reason she was hesitant to approach Whitney at Meredith’s event.

“When Whitney texted me that her friend Shari passed, I felt so horrible,” the Vida Tequila founder explained. “I sent flowers for her this morning to let her know I’m thinking of her and that this has got to be such a hard time, but we’re in public. I don’t know how fragile she is and for me, I plug through things. I want to be quiet about it. So, I did not want to say anything that could upset her because I don’t know how Whitney handles grief.”

However, Lisa lost her shit when Whitney called her self-absorbed before storming out of the party.

Lisa then ripped off her microphone and ranted to RHOSLC producers about the heated blowout with Whitney.

Lisa Barlow has a second hot mic moment after argument with Whitney Rose on Wednesday's episode of RHOSLC
Lisa Barlow has a second hot mic moment after an argument with Whitney Rose on Wednesday’s episode of RHOSLC.

“Mother f–ker, f–k this!” Lisa yelled. “You know what, you want to see about putting people first? Why don’t you like keep your f–king mouth shut?”

When a RHOSLC crew member attempted to help Lisa with her mic pack, she refused, saying, “No, you guys need to stop right now.”

Lisa went on to scream, “No, no, no! We’re not putting that back on!”

She then furiously insisted: “You’re not putting that back on.”

“F–k Whitney! I’m so f–king sick of this. I’m selfish? I’m about myself?”

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 4 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Thoughts on this week’s episode of RHOSLC? Are you Team Whitney or Team Lisa? Was Lisa’s rant over the top and uncalled for or justified?

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