RHOSLC Recap: Monica Calls Lisa an ‘Ugly B–ch’ During Heated Exchange


During this week’s episode of RHOLSC, Monica and Lisa get into a heated exchange that leads to Angie K throwing a glass to get their attention.

On Tuesday’s episode of RHOSLC, Heather Gay hosted a pioneer-themed lunch that went off the rails thanks to Lisa Barlow and Monica Garcia, who couldn’t stop hurling insults at each other.

The lunch took a turn for the worse when Heather suggested the group play a game entitled: “Who’s on your wagon?”

“Imagine you’re on a wagon train…and our wagon has too much weight; who do you throw off your wagon?” Heather Gay said of the game.

Lisa Barlow said she would throw off RHOSLC newbie Monica Garcia because “you’re mouthy and mean to women.”

"I hate liars," Lisa told Monica on this week's episode of RHOSLC. "There's nothing uglier than a liar."
“I hate liars,” Lisa told Monica on this week’s episode of RHOSLC. “There’s nothing uglier than a liar.”

“Omg, you are so nasty,” Monica said, to which Lisa fired back: “I’m honest, there’s a difference.”

Heather stared at her two co-stars in disbelief as this lunch was an attempt to smooth things over between Lisa and Monica so the group could go on a trip to Bermuda without all this tension looming over them.

“One of the main goals of this lunch is for Monica and Lisa to make amends so we can go on this trip without all this tension,” Heather said in her confessional interview. “And Lisa opens up with ‘nasty to women?'”

“The real nasty b–ch here is you,” Monica told Lisa. “You are so nasty.”

"The real nasty b--ch here is you," Monica told Lisa at Heather pioneer themed lunch on RHOSLC.
“The real nasty b–ch here is you,” Monica told Lisa at Heather’s pioneer-themed lunch on RHOSLC.

“You called your mother Ted Bundy, and anyone who could talk about their mother like that could never be your friend,” Lisa quipped in response.

“I hate liars,” Lisa continued. “There’s nothing uglier than a liar.”

“You don’t know s–t,” Monica clapped back.

As Heather attempted to calm the growing tension between Monica and Lisa, Angie Katsanevas finally got their attention.

“Monica, bring it down a level!” Heather said. “You’re being crazy.”

When that didn’t work, Angie smashed her wine-filled glass on the ground, yelling:

“Be quiet for a minute.”

“The hypocrisy is like next level,” Monica said.

After the blowout, Heather pulled Monica aside and told her they needed to announce their trip to Bermuda, which the two would be co-hosting.

“I’m not going,” Monica told Heather, which is when Lisa walked into their conversation. Lisa apologized to Monica and said that if the RHOSLC newbie needed her to acknowledge that her mom, Linda, was mean, she would.

“The bottom line is Heather put a lot of effort into this lunch and this trip she planned for us, and if it means talking to Monica and working this out, I’m willing to do it,” Lisa said in her confessional.

 Heather attempted to calm the growing tension between Monica and Lisa.
Heather attempted to calm the growing tension between Monica and Lisa.

Back at the table, Heather announced the trip to Bermuda, but Monica again said she didn’t want to go.

“Well, we planned it around you, Bermuda, your grandma, and the summers you spent there,” Heather said. “This is totally different energy. You were attacking her full force, and now you’re crying and acting like we all came at you?”

“Bermuda is going to be great fun,” Heather quipped.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 4 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Thoughts on this week’s episode of RHOSLC? Are you Team Lisa or Team Monica? Sound off below!

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