RHONJ: Margaret and Melissa Shade Jackie’s Budding Friendship With Teresa


Getting shady! Margaret Josephs and Melissa Gorga aren’t thrilled with Jackie Goldschneider’s growing friendship with RHONJ OG Teresa Giudice.

Bravo fans will see Jackie Goldschneider‘s rollercoaster relationship with Teresa Giudice take a positive turn when season 14 of RHONJ premieres in 2024.

While filming season 14 of RHONJ, Jackie and Teresa’s up-and-down relationship blossomed into a genuine friendship as the 47-year-old’s close bond with Melissa Gorga and Margaret Josephs strained.

RHONJ cast at Teresa Giudice's Tipsy in Tulum party
RHONJ cast at Teresa’s Tipsy in Tulum party

At BravoCon 2023, Jackie opened up to Us Weekly about how her friendship with Teresa came about after years of feuding.

“Growing, new, mutually respectful, and unexpected,” Jackie explained when asked to describe her friendship with Teresa.

She elaborated: “It was really organic. It was like we were just talking at a party, and then we were talking more, and then we started calling each other, and then we hung out and started hugging, like we like each other. It really grew organically.”

Melissa and Margaret also weighed in on Jackie and Teresa’s new-found friendship at BravoCon.

“Jackie and I are not where we used to be in life; we’re not where we used to be, which is sad,” Margaret Josephs said during part one of the RHONJ panel at BravoCon.

“She informed me that we were not as close as we used to be. I think I took offense to that, and things went a little south,” she continued. “She has a nice case of amnesia.”

Melissa Gorga chimmed in:

“I love Jackie; we’ve been friends forever, but a lot of things came out of left field… It’s confusing for me. I don’t know how authentic she’s being about her new decisions in life. Everyone needs to remember who their friends are when they’re down, not just when they’re standing back up.”

RHONJ's margaret josephs melissa gorga jackie goldschneider
RHONJ’s Jackie, Melissa, and Margaret during the better days of their friendship

Meanwhile, both Margaret and Melissa also talked to Page Six about their friendship woes with Jackie and her friendship with Teresa.

Margaret doesn’t care about Jackie’s friendship with Teresa but says it’s “not very authentic to who [Jackie] really is, but you know some people need to feel relevant.”

She adds: “I’m cordial to Jackie, I will always love her…I have a soft spot in my heart for her, but we’re not in a good space.”

When it comes to speculation that Jackie and Margaret‘s drama has something to do with the 47-year-old’s recently released memoir, “The Weight of Beautiful,” Margaret said:

“I championed her for that book; I wanted her book to be successful. I had my own book with Simon & Schuster [that] did unbelievably well, and I want only good things for her. I want good things for everybody. Even if I don’t love them, I want good things for people, you know what I’m saying? I support women unconditionally.” 

“No one gets anywhere on their own. This is a team. I have a beautiful team behind me. I couldn’t be me without everybody behind me,” Margaret continued. “I think she got very offended when I said, ‘I championed you,’ and that didn’t mean anything behind it. And I think she was very offended that I said that.”

On the other hand, Melissa believes that Jackie created drama with Margaret for attention and more screen time throughout season 14 of RHONJ.

Melissa Gorga and Jackie Goldschneider appear on WWHL together.
Melissa Gorga and Jackie Goldschneider appear on WWHL together.

“I think that sometimes people feel like they need to ruffle feathers to make a splash — and it’s unfortunate,” the On Display podcast host said.

“You need to stay authentic to your true self, and I think she’s looking for rumblings, trying to throw things out there and seeing if they stick,” she continued. “And God bless.”

At BravoCon, Dolores Catania also weighed in on Jackie’s fallout with Melissa and Margaret.

According to Dolores, the entire RHONJ cast was “surprised at the Jackie situation.”

“I was. I think everybody was. They’re not in the same place they used to be, Jackie and Margaret,” Dolores explained. “But I’m happy she’s here, and I’m in a good place with Jackie. That’s all that matters to me.”

Danielle Cabral celebrates Boujie Kidz with her friends and RHONJ co-stars.
Danielle Cabral celebrates Boujie Kidz with her friends and RHONJ co-stars. Credit: Danielle Cabral/Instagram

As for Jackie, she’s made it clear that she isn’t “sad” over the ending of her friendship with Margaret.

“There was a trust that got broken, and I don’t know that that’s so easily repaired,” Jackie Goldschneider told Page Six at BravoCon, confirming that her friendship with Marge is OVER for good.

“I’m not sad,” she added. “I think the friendship kind of came to an end, and I think everybody will see it, and they’ll understand why I’m not sad.”

Jackie also told fans at BravoCon that she recalls precisely what led to the demise of her friendship with Margaret while also opening up about switching RHONJ panels.

“I remember everything very clearly, and I think that clarity is why I’m there and not with Margaret,” she said during part two of the RHONJ panel at BravoCon. “Friendships evolve, but again, that was a switch made by the higher-ups. It wasn’t only about me; someone was switched with me. But I am very happy to be here. I belong here.”

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RHONJ will return to Bravo for season 14 in 2024.

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