RHOSLC: Mary Cosby’s Son Posts Drug Use on Social Media


Robert Cosby Jr, the son of RHOSLC star Mary Cosby, has been spotted along with his wife, Alexiana, flaunting their drug use on social media.

It seems that a lot of shady shit may be going down inside Mary Cosby‘s Utah mansion right under her nose.

Robert Cosby Jr., 20, and his wife, Alexiana Cosby, reportedly still live in Mary’s mansion, which has been heavily featured on RHOSLC. On social media, both Robert Jr and Alexiana have shared multiple posts featuring various drugs, including marijuana, prescription codeine syrup, and unidentified pills.

In dozens of photos and images, Robert can be seen posing alongside “codeine prescription bottles, promethazine hydrochloride cough syrup and/or bottles and cups of a ‘purple drink.'”

Other photos obtained by Starcasm include two young men holding firearms. The photos appear to have been taken inside Mary’s home.

As RHOSLC fans know, Mary may live under the same roof as her son but rarely knows what is happening in his life.

Robert and Alexiana have their “own wing” inside Mary’s mansion, which may be why she was unaware they secretly married in August 2022.

Mary Cosby's son Robert Jr on a recent episode of RHOSLC
Mary Cosby’s son Robert Jr, on a recent episode of RHOSLC

According to records, Robert and Alexiana tied the know on August 18, 2022, in Hollady, Utah, when they were 19 and 18, respectively.

“They both live in my house, but I don’t see ’em much,” Mary revealed on a recent episode of RHOSLC. “We kind of have our own wings.”

“One day, like, they were getting dressed, and he was rushing to go do something,” Mary said in her confessional interview. “He was dressed up nice, and she was dressed up nice. But they were running — like, full-blown running, like, with all their might. But I didn’t know they were going to go get married.”

It’s no secret that Mary’s lack of awareness regarding her son previously caused legal issues for them. Mary and Robert Jr were charged with “contributing to the delinquency of a minor and unlawfully providing shelter to a runway” in April 2021.

These charges are believed to have been connected to Robert Jr’s now wife, who would have been 16 or 17 at the time.

Mary Cosby shocked by the tea on RHOSLC
Mary Cosby shocked by the tea on RHOSLC

The police officer who removed the young woman, believed to be Alexiana, explained law enforcement’s narrative on the situation in a statement:

I responded to assist. The maid initially answered the door when we attempted contact. I advised the maid to tell the suspect, Mary that we needed to talk to her. I advised that if Mary did not come to the door, we would get a warrant and make entry, and then take her to jail. I stated that if she came to the door, jail could be avoided.

Mary eventually came to the door. I advised her that we now knew the juvenile was in the house. Mary stated she was not but agreed to check her son’s room. She then came back with the juvenile.

I advised Mary that charges could be screened against her son. At this time I had not been informed of the specifics of the evidence against Mary and was not sure if there was enough evidence to charge her or not. Since Mary had voluntarily let us in and brought the juvenile to us I determined that any charges could be screened against both her and her son.

The criminal charges against the RHOSLC star and her son were later dismissed.

“The charges sound sinister, but the reality of the situation is much different,” Robert Cosby Jr’s lawyer, Clayton Simms, told FOX 13 following a court hearing in October 2021. “It’s simply a case where Robert’s girlfriend’s mother didn’t want him hanging out, so she called the police.”

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Thoughts on this all? Are you shocked by these photos of Mary’s son? Share your feelings in the comments!

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