RHOM Recap: Champagne Confessions


We are dealing with some champagne confessions on RHOM! Let’s break down all the drama on this week’s episode of RHOM.

As this week’s episode of RHOM starts, the ladies are busy living their lives and spending time with their adorable families/pets.

Lisa Hochstein is spending some time at her boyfriend Jody Glidden’s house and invites Adriana de Moura over to check out the place since she used to live there with her now ex-husband.

Naturally, Adriana is taken aback by how much Jody has changed the home, which used to have a classic Miami style but now looks much more modern. When asked if she plans to move in with Jody, Lisa reveals she’s waiting until her divorce from Lenny Hochstein is finalized.

 Julia Lemigova pops over, and they chat about Guerdy Abraira being super upset at Alexia Nepola‘s party. Lisa is determined to get to the bottom of why Guerdy is so distraught.

Across town, Larsa Pippen, Alexia, and Kiki Barth work out at the gym. Alexia admits she was stressed about her husband, Todd Nepola, skipping her party the night before.

The group questions the status of Alexia’s marriage

Kiki thinks there’s more to the story about Todd missing Alexia’s party, as do the rest of the ladies. Then, at  Marysol Patton‘s gay brunch, Lisa asks Alexia about her relationship with Todd, but she plays it off like everything is great in her marriage.

However, Adriana tells Nicole Martin, Julia, and Guerdy that she ran into Todd when leaving Alexia’s party. Apparently, Todd told Adriana that he and Alexia needed to figure out some things in their marriage.

Later on, Todd and Alexia grab dinner. Todd explains he hid in the gym during Alexia’s party, claiming he didn’t want to be put in an uncomfortable position, but denies that it had anything to do with Adriana or Anthony. Alexia notes that she’s always there for Todd but often doesn’t show up when she needs him the most.

Julia reveals how many times she’s been engaged

Nicole invites Julia and Adriana to happy hour so they can chat with Guerdy about how she’s doing. As the ladies sip on drinks and unwind, Nicole and Guerdy ask Julia how many times she has been engaged. Julia reveals she was engaged nine times before marrying her now-wife, Martina Navratilova.

Guerdy announces she has breast cancer

At happy hour, the ladies then turn their attention to Guery about why she was upset at Alexia’s party and was so offended by Larsa.

Guerdy breaks down and tells the ladies she has breast cancer, which sends shockwaves through Nicole, Adriana, and Julia. Guerdy shares that while she’s been diagnosed with stage-one breast cancer, she still might be facing chemo depending on the results of her biopsy.

Larsa and Marcus discuss marriage

During the episode, Larsa and her man, Marcus Jordan, grab dinner to discuss their future. Larsa, who admits she’s gained ten pounds of love-chub, questions Marcus about when they will get engaged. While Marcus won’t give Larsa specifics on when he will pop the question, he clarifies that he sees wedding bells in their future.

Guerdy reaches her breaking point with Larsa

The episode concludes with Larsa and Guerdy getting coffee in an attempt to hash out their issues. Larsa is extremely confused by Guerdy’s ups and downs. She’s still upset that Guerdy told the press she’s the fakest RHOM cast member.

As Guerdy breaks down into tears, Larsa tells her, “We are not crying today,” which only further infuriates the mom of two. She then tells Larsa that she has been disrespectful and dismissive of her.

Guerdy is crying and becoming more enraged with Larsa, who doesn’t seem to care about what her friend may or may not be going through. She asks Larsa to be patient with her. Instead, the former NBA wife mocks her pain, which forces Guerdy to leave the coffee date abruptly.

RHOM airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

Thoughts on this week’s episode of RHOM? Are you excited for this season to play out? Sound off below!

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