Jeff Lewis Clarifies Crystal Minkoff & Kyle Richards Comments From BravoCon


Jeff Lewis is doing some backtracking after throwing shade at RHOBH stars Kyle Richards and Crystal Minkoff at BravoCon over the weekend.

Former Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis went in hard at Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Kyle Richards and Crystal Minkoff on day one of BravoCon.

Jeff Lewis told Bravo fans that the RHOBH season 13 premiere proved that Kyle Richards hates Mauricio Umansky. He also shaded Crystal Minkoff‘s absence from the premiere episode.

The 53-year-old quipped:

“I’m watching that opening scene, and Kyle fucking hates Mauricio. I mean, that’s clear as day she hates him. I was watching that [and] I’m like, she is done. She is over him. I don’t know what he did to make her that angry. I have no idea. I have no clue what he did. But anyway, I’m just happy not to talk about Dorit’s home invasion anymore. I know she has PTSD. I have PTSD from talking about it all of season 12.”

He then revealed that Dorit Kemsley blocked him on social media, and he planned to confront her about it at BravoCon. Jeff Lewis also threw some shade at how boring Crystal is on RHOBH.

“She blocked me on Instagram, but [when] I see her today, I’m gonna confront her. And by the way, did you all notice? Did you all see, uh, episode one of season 13? Did you notice how Crystal [Minkoff] didn’t talk the entire time? It was the best episode of ever single with Crystal in it. Best episode.”

Throughout BravoCon weekend, Kyle and Crystal caught wind of Jeff Lewis‘ shade and had quite a bit to say.

Kyle Richards told Access Hollywood:

“He’s gonna have to send me another orchid. I’m getting sick of getting these flowers from him all the time. You know, I wasn’t even offended by the majority of his comments. I’m already over that. I’m like desensitized about that now. But I did not like Jeff Lewis getting up there and saying Kyle hates Mauricio because that’s not true. I love Mauricio very much, and we are very close in spite of what we’re going through. And I don’t like to hear that. I don’t even like that put out there. I don’t want anyone hearing that. It’s not true.”

As for Crystal Minkoff, she got a whole lot sassier with her response to Jeff’s shade while also chatting with Access Hollywood.

“He texted me, and he apologized, and I said, ‘Thank you for apologizing ’cause you’re a cocksucker.’ He being a he’s bitchy. He’s a bitchy guy. It’s because he wants to be a housewife, and he never will be. So that’s why.”

On Monday, Jeff Lewis clarified his comments on his SiriusXM radio show, Jeff Lewis Live.

“So, Crystal Minkoff, like I totally was joking around during the Ask Andy panel,” Jeff Lewis told his co-host John Hill.

He elaborated:

“We were friendly. I might’ve dragged her before, but I will say I have a little more respect for her now. So, Tracy Tudor texted me, and she said, ‘I’m with Crystal, and she’s really upset about what you said about the panel,’ and I said, ‘Oh, I was totally joking.’ She’s like, ‘She’s pretty upset. I’ve told her that, you know, if Jeff doesn’t talk about you, you’re irrelevant.’ She goes, ‘Here’s her number.'”

“So I wrote, ‘Hey Crystal, it’s Jeff Lewis. I got your number from Tracy. I wanted to apologize for what I said on this morning’s panel. I was joking and having fun and I didn’t mean anything by it. I hope I didn’t upset you too much. I owe you a drink.’ She said, ‘Hey, thanks. I was just wondering why you seem to hate me or be obsessed with me, but Tracy, whom I adore, vouched hard for you and just said you’re a regular old cocksucker, so all good.'”

“Okay, so you have to know because then she went on the red carpet, and she said that I’m a bitchy guy. I want to be a housewife, and I never will, and I’m a cocksucker, so she’s not wrong. So, people are saying that’s homophobic, whatever. I don’t view it that way at all. I think it’s funny, and I actually respect her for coming back at me, so now I’m kind of intrigued by her.”

Jeff then reiterated: “But I don’t view what she said as homophobic. I’m not insulted. I think it’s funny.”

When it comes to Kyle Richards, Jeff explained: “All I said about Kyle is I asked Andy who your favorite housewife. He’s like, “Um…” I said, “Don’t pretend you don’t have a favorite housewife because you’ve told me,” and so he was kind of playing coy because he doesn’t want to say anything because then all the other housewives are gonna give him [hell] and I said, ‘You told me it was Kyle Richards.’ I’m like, ‘Or has that changed since she’s become a lesbian?’ so then that started the whole thing, so now Kyle wants another orchid.”

“She was also upset that you insinuated that she hates her husband,” co-host Shane Douglas noted.

“In that scene, I’m talking about. I’m not saying she hates him today, which I think she does. I’m saying that in episode one of Beverly Hills, that exchange with Mauricio about the tattoo, she looks like she wanted to kill him,” Jeff said.

Thoughts on all of Jeff’s shade? Did Kyle and Crystal respond appropriately? Sound off below!

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