RHOP Recap: Robyn Dixon Slams Juan Dixon Affair Rumors in Season 8 Premiere

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During the RHOP season 8 premiere on Sunday, Robyn Dixon blasted Juan Dixon affair rumors, claiming: “The World Wants to Tear Us Apart.”

The Real Housewives of Potomac returned for its eighth season on Sunday night with Robyn Dixon and Juan Dixon’s marriage taking center stage.

Robyn and Juan attempted to tune out the chatter about their marriage and Juan’s alleged cheating in the RHOP season 8 premiere.

Despite the RHOP couple’s attempts to tune out the negative talk, the ladies of Potomac were still reeling from all the recent gossip about Juan’s alleged infidelity, which includes a hotel receipt signed by Juan, photos of him being spotted out and about with his female co-worker from Coppin State University, and more.

Juan defends himself against infidelity allegations
Juan defends himself against infidelity allegations

A woman from Canada says she came to town to visit Juan while the former NBA player claimed he was simply being a “Good Samaritan” by paying for her hotel room after she lost her wallet. Juan admitted to corresponding with the woman via DM on Instagram but insists NOTHING physical ever happened to them.

On top of that, Juan was also spotted out with another woman on two separate occasions: once at the laundromat and another time at the nail salon.

“Real life is a bitch,” Robyn told Juan as she put photos from their 2022 wedding in frames. “All the noise that’s been going on. The whole girl with the hotel receipt.”

“Once again, that was stupid,” Juan said. “That was foolish.”

Robyn and Juan discuss the gossip about their marriage in the RHOP season 8 premiere.
Robyn and Juan discuss the gossip about their marriage in the RHOP season 8 premiere.

“We chose to move forward. We chose to get married,” said Robyn, who believes Juan is innocent of cheating.

She added, “They think our relationship is fake or we have an arrangement.”  

And that is exactly what several members of the RHOP cast think. Karen Huger, Wendy Osefo, and Candiace Dillard got together for drinks to discuss Juan and Robyn’s relationship.

“Robyn has some ownership to take,” Karen told the ladies. “Because [the] truth has come out, and we can only get along if we are being honest. The biggest liar is the woman who hid her truth. We were the targets in order not to talk about her truth.”

Candiace was particularly irritated after learning that Robyn knew about Juan’s infidelity rumors throughout season 7 of RHOP but kept quiet about it and let instead Gizelle Bryant and Ashley Darby accuse her husband, Chris Bassett, of acting inappropriately toward them.

“The focus of the entire year became maligning my husband’s name when we discovered that all this time she has a whole scandal with her husband,” Candiace said in her confessional.

Karen, Candiace, and Wendy discuss Juan and Robyn's marriage over drinks during RHOP season 8 premiere.
Karen, Candiace, and Wendy discuss Juan and Robyn’s marriage over drinks during RHOP season 8 premiere.

While at drinks with Wendy and Karen, Candiace doubled down on her claim that Robyn “behaved with all of us as if everything was fine.”

Wendy added that Robyn “doesn’t care if [Juan] cheats on her” before noting that she believes Juan and Robyn have “an arrangement.”

“Are they even married?” Candiace asked, to which Wendy replied, “Have you seen the marriage certificate?”

Meanwhile, Ashley Darby, who is still married to her estranged husband, Michael Darby, showed off her $2.2 million “coastal chic” home.

“It’s definitely different having Dean and Dylan in the house without Michael. I’m [a] full-time mom,” Ashley said, who noted she’s in “no rush” to take Michael’s name off the mortgage or finalize their divorce as she’s not getting spousal support.

RHOP fans also got their first look at Gizelle Bryant’s new boyfriend, Winter House alum Jason Cameron, who is sixteen years her junior.

“No one’s counting,” she quipped of their age difference. “He’s a young hot thing, a little tenderoni.”

Cameron is based in New York City but the long distance doesn’t seem to be hurting their budding relationship.

“We try to see each other as much as we can,” Gizelle said.

The episode ended with Gizelle hosting an “open forum” with Ashley and Charrisse Jackson-Jordan to talk with Robyn about her relationship with Juan.

Charrisse Jackson-Jordan breaks down over the rumors of Juan's infidelity.
Charrisse Jackson-Jordan breaks down over the rumors of Juan’s infidelity.

All three women have dealt with infidelity in their marriages and were coming to Robyn from a place of concern.

“This is a little tough love,” Gizelle told Robyn, adding, “We are here to support you as it relates to Juan. This is just an open forum to talk.”

Ashley then admitted that she “got really upset” for Robyn when she saw the photos of Juan out with another woman.

Ashley Darby feels for Robyn Dixon amid the gossip about Juan's alleged cheating.
Ashley Darby feels for Robyn Dixon amid the gossip about Juan’s alleged cheating.

Robyn immediately came to Juan’s defense and insisted that the story about Juan out with his former co-worker at the laundromat was a “straight lie.”

“People are out here putting out blatant lies when they say, ‘Oh, they were hugged up,’” Robyn said. “He’s not dumb enough to be anywhere in public being affectionate and physical with another woman.”

However, the ladies don’t think that Juan should be putting himself in situations where he’s out and about with other women.

“He is not thinking about you, saying, ‘You know what, this is bad optics,’” Gizelle told Robyn.

RHOP stars Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon poses for photo at event
RHOP stars Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon

“I’m not going to tell him to end his friendship,” Robyn replied. “I’m not going to tell him, Oh, you can’t do certain things that were fine before. At this point, I don’t care.”

Because of all the gossip and nasty headlines, Robyn admitted, “My joy has been stolen.”

“Do you feel like we have your back? Cause we’re here today because we do,” Gizelle asked to which Robyn responded, “All of this has been a pile-on, and this is cruel.”

An emotional Charrisse then interjected that she found Robyn’s situation “looks so familiar” to what she experienced with her ex-husband, who was unfaithful throughout their marriage.

“So are you saying I’m in denial?” Robyn asked Charrisse, who confirmed that she was getting that “vibe.” She noted that watching Robyn defend Juan, “made my heart bleed for you.”

Ashley added that she believes Robyn is on a “protect Juan campaign.”

RHOP's robyn dixon supports husband juan dixon at basketball game coppin state university
RHOP’s Juan and Robyn

Robyn explained that she was angry when she learned Juan was communicating with the woman from Canada on Instagram.

“I found out, I was angry, I told him to get the f–k out. We worked through it,” said Robyn.

“Would you ever put him out?” asked Gizelle. “If there was another hotel receipt? If there was another incident? Would you put him out?”

“Yes,” Robyn admitted but Gizelle wasn’t convinced: “I don’t want you to ever lose sight of you.” 

Robyn fired back: “You want me to divorce? What do you want me to do?”

“What do you want to do?” Gizelle asked to which Robyn said, “I want to keep living and get through this.”

In her confessional, Gizelle noted: “Robyn lives life according to Juan. But Robyn and I are very close and I’ve been feeling her pain and I feel like one day it’ll bubble up and explode.”

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Thoughts on the season 8 premiere of RHOP? Do you think Robyn is burying her head in the sand when it comes to Juan’s alleged infidelities?

Source: PEOPLE

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