Alexia Nepola Denies Financial Troubles + RHOM S6 Premiere Recap!


RHOM star Alexia Nepola laughs off rumors of financial troubles. Plus, a full breakdown of the RHOM S6 premiere episode!

Before jumping into the recap for the RHOM season 6 premiere, Alexia Nepola is shutting down some gossip about her finances.

In a new interview with PEOPLE, Alexia Nepola denies that she and her husband, Todd Nepola, are experiencing financial troubles.

The RHOM star insists that they’re “doing just fine” despite having to move out of their 10,000-sq.-ft swiftly. Miami apartment while filming season 6.

As Bravo fans may recall, RHOM star Adriana de Moura speculated that Alexia and Todd were “having some financial issues” in the trailer for season 6.

RHOM's Alexia Echevarria and Adriana De Moura
RHOM’s Alexia Echevarria and Adriana De Moura

 However, Alexia says Adriana “made up a rumor” to try and “get back at me.” 

“She can’t get over the fact that last season I genuinely, and with good intentions, told her that the guy that she was talking to could be married,” Alexia shared, “because that’s what Marysol [Patton] and people were saying!”

“I know what she’s doing this season,” Alexia continued. “She’s trying to show me a lesson, ‘Well, you know the same way you made up a rumor about my boyfriend. Well, I can make up a rumor about your husband.’ ” 

“Some women, they’re going to go after you forever. They don’t forgive,” added Alexia. “First, they started with the rumor that I was having marital problems because Todd didn’t show up to one party. And that went nowhere, obviously, so they made up the rumor that we were moving because of financial problems. It’s ridiculous. [Our exit] had nothing to do with that.”

As for why Alexia and her family had to leave their apartment practically overnight, the RHOM star says it was the result of a real estate transaction made by the owner of her apartment.

“They sold our unit, unfortunately, so we had 30 days — less than 30 days, actually — to find another place and move out,” Alexia explained. “That’s the thing that sucks about being a renter, it’s out of your hands sometimes.”

While Alexia says her new place is “beautiful,” she notes that she and Todd are “paying so much more and have less space.”

“That’s why these claims that we were bork didn’t even make any sense because we’re paying more rent now than we did before!” Alexia joked.

Adriana and Alexia's drama from last year continues to play during season 6 of RHOM
Adriana and Alexia’s drama from last year continues to play during season 6 of RHOM

The RHOM couple is currently looking for new digs and hopes to purchase a home very soon.

“We’ll be looking for something that works better for us,” she explained. “And we’re going to probably buy something instead of just renting like we usually do, which is my husband’s business. For him, it makes more financial sense to rent than to buy, but for his wife, it makes more mental sense to not have to move every two or three years or whenever they sell the unit. So we’re going to probably look for something for buy.”

When it comes to the gossip about her life, Alexia is just brushing it off and finds humor in all the speculation.

“I’m just laughing it off because it has no truth to it,” she said. “I mean, if it did, then maybe I would be upset about it. But Todd and I are just laughing all the way to the bank because, truthfully, and luckily, it’s not the case.”

Now, let’s get into the most critical moments from the RHOM season 6 premiere on Wednesday night.

Alexia wants to fix the dynamics within the group

The RHOM season 6 premiere starts with Alexia admitting she wants to smooth things over with all the girls following the drama they experienced last year.

Meanwhile, Larsa Pippen and her man Marcus Jordan have a double date with Lisa Hochstein and Jody Glidden on a gorgeous yacht in Miami.

Larsa clarifies that she doesn’t care about the haters and is so happy in her relationship with Marcus. They even talk about getting married, and of course, Larsa wants a 23-carat ring.

As for Lisa, she’s as happy as a clam with Jody but still isn’t divorced from Lenny Hochstein. Lisa explains that she’s fighting her prenup with Lenny because “a lot has happened over the last 15 years,” and she deserves more than what she agreed to when they first got married.

Larsa is pissed at Guerdy for calling her “Fake”

During their yacht day, Larsa tells Lisa that she’s unhappy with Guerdy Abraira after she called her “fake” during a podcast.

As for Guerdy, she can’t even worry about Larsa being mad at her because she has “bigger fish to fry,” like fighting her recent breast cancer diagnosis.

Alexia and Marysol reveal if they can move forward with Adriana

While Alexia hopes to fix the group with her “New Horizons” party, Marysol Patton makes it known that she has ZERO interest in mending fences with Adriana de Moura.

“I’m not open, so you can forget it,” Marysol explains. “Adriana, she cut me to the bone with a really bad situation. She keeps making it worse and going in on me.”

“I’m super loyal, and when you break my trust, it’s done,” she adds before noting that she doesn’t even want to attend Alexia’s party if Adriana will be there.

Marysol and Julia bring the heat at Alexia’s party

At Alexia’s “New Horizons” party, Marysol does show up even though Adriana is also in attendance. However, Marysol doesn’t even fight with Adriana at the party. Instead, Marysol gets into it with Julia Lemigova, who claims that Marysol wants to “harm” Alexia.

“You are the problem in this group,” Julia tells Marysol, who looks to Alexia to jump in and defend her. Marysol is shocked when Alexia doesn’t back her up. As for why Alexia stayed quiet, she said that sometimes it’s best to let people fight their own battles.

Marysol is annoyed by Julia's claims in RHOM season 6 premiere
Marysol is annoyed by Julia’s claims in the RHOM season 6 premiere

Julia calls Marysol “selfish” and says she put Alexia in an “impossible situation where she had to choose” between her and Adriana.

Marysol denies the claim, insisting that “no one controls Alexia.”

Guerdy breaks down over her breast cancer diagnosis

As Alexia’s party winds down, Guerdy tells her husband, Russell, that she is overwhelmed by all the drama and doesn’t want to be at the party any longer. Before leaving, she pulls Larsa aside and cryptically tells her that she will need Larsa, so “when I ask for you, come for me.”

All of the ladies, including Larsa, are confused by Guerdy’s behavior and can see that something serious is going on, but they don’t know what it is just yet.

RHOM airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

Thoughts on this week’s episode of RHOM? Are you excited for this season to play out? Sound off below!

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