Bethenny Frankel Calls Bravo a ‘Cult;’ Says Real Housewives are ‘Brainwashed’


Bethenny Frankel comes out swinging against Bravo amid her Real Housewives reckoning, which is being detailed in a new Vanity Fair expose.

On Monday, Vanity Fair‘s much-anticipated expose into the underbelly of Real Housewives was released and left Bravo fans even more divided.

Real Housewives of New York alum Bethenny Frankel played a pivotal role in the article amid her ongoing reality TV reckoning, in which she calls for a union while also revealing disturbing allegations against Bravo executives.

Bethenny Frankel is stunned by accusation at RHONY reunion
Bethenny Frankel is stunned by accusation at RHONY reunion

Bethenny Frankel celebrated the release of Vanity Fair‘s article with a post on Instagram. In the post, the Skinnygirl mogul, who gained fame, fortune, and worldwide notoriety during her time on Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York, so much so that she came back for more when her career stalled years later, compares Bravo’s Andy Cohen to the likes of Harvey Weinstein while also claiming Bravo is a “cult” that has “brainwashed” its stars.

The Bravo alum wrote:

As the writer of this story told me, this piece is one small corner of this story.

This story is a drop of poison in a large ocean: The reality reckoning is here… SAG-AFTRA has our backs. Multi-billion dollar media and entertainment company leaders have reached out to me to work towards change.

Bravo is not one of those entities…

This story is about Bravo, a polluted environment profiting from women’s mistakes and misery, and a network that abuses them nightly with games and questions designed to ruin their lives while making the masters of this universe rich and famous.

Many women whom this reckoning protects have spoken out against it or acted like they know nothing about it, choosing fame and money over women’s rights.

Many women have the courage to support this movement silently, and others publicly… they are afraid. They know what they have done and perpetuate is wrong, but the high is too strong… and the dealer keeps dealing these drugs in stronger and more dangerous doses.

Many women are deafeningly silent closer to the top of the gravy train by being obedient.

This is a cult where women are brainwashed to believe they have special relationships with leaders in exchange for rewards, often resulting in demotion and punishment for misbehavior, a dynamic making the cult leaders powerful and untouchable.

This article refers to Andy Cohen as “the boss” and “daddy” to these women.

Ironically, the way these women are paid and the way contracts are executed renders this not a legal workplace.

Would your boss or father allow or support this behavior in your best interest as a child or employee?

As we approach BravoCon, the event that epitomizes, culminates, and capitalizes on this toxicity, we should think about the content and entertainment we consume and support.

I will be diving into this movement in greater detail on my podcasts @justbwithbethenny & @rewiveswithbethennypod all week.

However, not all Bravo fans are ready and willing to jump on Bethenny Frankel’s hate train. In fact, many fans are calling out her hypocrisy and insist she has a grind to axe with Bravo and Andy Cohen.

Perez Hilton commented: “I’m confused, though. People know what they’re signing up for when they do “reality television.” And no one is forcing them to stay on these shows.”

“Bravo gave her fame and name, and now she’s spitting at them. Hahahha,” one fan wrote, while another commented: “You got rich from your association with Bravo! You didn’t complain during that time.”

Andy Cohen Bethenny Frankel
Bravo’s Andy Cohen and Bethenny Frankel

“With all due, you were the queen B of toxicity – which made you famous. I agree there needs to be workplace protections and support [for] the talent getting what they deserve, but for some reason, it feels like it’s coming from a place of vengeance. You do lots of good in the world, and I applaud you for that … but … this does not feel altruistic,” a third fan shared.

A fourth fan noted, “Talk about vindictive. She was one of the most abusive housewives,” while a fifth fan added: “I think a housewives poll would show they all like their job at Bravo. Only the ones who a no longer welcome are complaining.”

“Interesting. But you drank the Kool-aid for years up until your last WWHL. What pushed you to lead the rebellion?” another fan commented.

Thoughts on Bethenny’s latest comments against Bravo and Andy Cohen? Sound off below!

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