Andy Cohen Reveals Why RHONJ Won’t Have A Cast Trip As Filming For Season 14 Wraps Up


Last week, AllAboutTRH revealed that the cast trip for the Real Housewives of New Jersey had been cancelled. And now Andy Cohen is elaborating on what really happened.

Danny Pellegrino recently appeared on  SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live when he asked Andy Cohen what really happened with RHONJ’s trip to the Berkshires and Andy didn’t hold back.

Andy Cohen Reveals Why RHONJ Won't Have A Cast Trip As Filming For Season 14 Wraps Up

Below is an excerpt of what was said

Danny Pellegrino: When are we filming at Blue Stone Manor again? Like another girl’s trip or something.
Andy Cohen: Well, you know-
Danny Pellegrino: Lock everybody in that house, Andy. Magic.
AC: The Jersey women were supposed to go. They were going in the area of the Berkshires on their trip and-
Danny Pellegrino: So, they were gonna film at Dorinda’s house.

AC: They were gonna film at Dorinda’s house. I’m just saying this and the place that they were staying burned down, so the trip got, I mean, literally like the day before they were leaving to go.
Danny Pellegrino: So, they couldn’t shift over to Dorinda’s house.
AC No, we weren’t gonna have them stay at Dorinda’s house because that’s just a different show basically. I mean, that’s-

Danny Pellegrino: Oh my god, to see Teresa in Dorinda house would’ve blown my mind.
AC: I know. I know.
Danny Pellegrino: So, it wasn’t like anything to do with the season being, because I saw a report about Jersey saying that the trip was canceled because it was boring, but there was a fire.

AC: No, it was canceled because the house burned down. The house literally burned down.
Danny Pellegrino: That must annoy you when you see those kinds of things.
AC: I didn’t see that, but listen, there’s no end to annoying things. There’s no end to annoying lies and mistruths or half-truths or just made-up shit that’s out there, but I just keep walking one foot ahead. Keep on keeping on.

Andy Cohen Reveals Why RHONJ Didn't Have A Cast Trip

We did report on AllAboutTRH patreon that the house the ladies were supposed to stay at at did burn down and the cast trip was cancelled. We can also report that the ladies will now just have a final dinner for the finale.

Are you surprised Bravo didn’t give the ladies a cast trip at all?

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