RHOC’s Tamra Judge Tells Andy Cohen to ‘F–k Off’ and ‘Be Quiet’


RHOC star Tamra Judge was slammed by fans for telling Bravo boss Andy Cohen to ‘f–k off’ and ‘be quiet’ during part two of the season 17 reunion.

Real Housewives of Orange County fans were gobsmacked when Tamra Judge told her Bravo boss Andy Cohen to  “f–k off” and “be quiet” during the second and final part of the season 17 reunion on Wednesday night.

Tamra Judge, who returned to RHOC for season 17 after a two-year hiatus from the show, lashed out at the reunion moderator for pointing out some of her past dirty deeds.

The drama started when Heather Dubrow and Tamra Judge were going back and forth over which of the two had called their RHOC co-stars “losers.”

Andy chimed in, reminding Tamra that she “had said terrible things about everyone that was still on the show when [she wasn’t] on the show.”

The RHOC cast was stunned as Tamra Judge told her Bravo boss to “f—k off!”
The RHOC cast was stunned as Tamra Judge told her Bravo boss to “f—k off!” amid her back-and-forth with Heather Dubrow.

Andy’s callout didn’t sit well with Tamra, who fired back:

“We’re not talking about that, so f–k off!” 

The cameras quickly panned to the rest of the Real Housewives of Orange County cast, who were shocked and horrified by Tamra’s disrespect.

“But, I mean, it’s a double standard,” Andy noted, to which Tamra replied: “Why are you trying to throw a wrench in it?”

“Well, because I’m just pointing out that you were calling them losers,” the Watch What Happens Live host explained.

“Right. And because she [Dubrow] said it, it’s OK?” Tamra quipped in response.

“No,” Andy admitted, to which Tamra retorted, “OK then, be quiet!”

See the clip below!

The Bravoverse was abuzz as this scene aired on Wednesday night. Real Housewives of Orange County fans quickly took to social media to call out Tamra’s vile and appalling behavior.

“I think Tamra is classless and ignorant. And she should be grateful to be back,” one social media user commented. “To speak to Andy that way is just disrespectful and entitled. While also not taking accountability for her actions.”

Someone else commented: “She treated Andy the way she treats everyone else. … I’m surprised he didn’t come back at her. Will she be back after that is the question?”

Andy Cohen with the RHOC season 17 cast at the reunion
Andy Cohen poses for a reunion photo with the RHOC season 17 cast.

“Andddd she’s fired again,” a third fan quipped. Others agreed, commenting: “She needs to be Cut like her fitness business!!!” and “Put her back on pause, she’s doing too much.”

“She’s acting out because all her lies were exposed! She is not a good person. Always has been the pot stirrer, then claims she never said whatever it was she was getting called out on… Hope Andy fires her again…” another fan remarked.

See what else RHOC fans had to say about Tamra’s comments to Andy!

RHOC fans call Tamra Judge out for disrespecting Andy Cohen
RHOC fans call Tamra Judge out for disrespecting Andy Cohen

The Real Housewives of Orange County will return for season 18 in 2024.

Was Tamra out of line? Do you think Bravo will fire or demote Tamra for her disrespect of Andy? Sound off below!

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