Bethenny Frankel Slams Andy Cohen for Shading Gina Kirschenheiter’s House


Bethenny Frankel goes off on Andy Cohen for shading Gina Kirschenheiter’s house on an episode of Watch What Happens Live.

The Real Housewives of New York alum took to her podcast, Just B, to rant about Andy Cohen for making a dig at Gina Kirscheneheiter‘s house on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live.

On a recent episode of WWHL, the Bravo executive producer played a very shady game entitled Shady Whale with Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow, where the “Shady Whale” asked Heather: “Who do you think would get the least amount of money if they should their home?”

Heather was clearly uncomfortable with the question and chose to pass on giving an answer; however, Andy had no trouble interjecting that Gina Kirschenheiter would probably take that crown.

Heather Dubrow Gina Kirschenheiter
RHOC stars Heather Dubrow Gina Kirschenheiter

“I think she has a casita,” Andy noted.

Gina was not happy with Andy’s diss and clapped back at him on Instagram. The 39-year-old blasted Andy for mocking her home, which she owns, unlike several other OC Housewives who simply rent their much larger homes.

Days later, Bethenny Frankel addressed the drama on the October 5th episode of her podcast.

“The environment of [Real Housewives] not only perpetuates the abuse of women to each other, it perpetuates somebody getting made fun of – if they don’t have as much or being glorified if they put their Birkin right in the camera shot, buy a big house you can’t afford. You buy a big house you can’t afford. It’s better than the alternative. The audience is gonna think you are rich. And I will say it: 99.9% of the Housewives do not have what the show shows they have.

Why was NeNe saying, ‘rich bitch’, to keep up with everybody else? Why was Sheree [building] Chateau Sheree that never got built? To keep up with everybody else! [If not] the shady whale’s gonna come make fun of you if you’re poor. So you might as well fucking defraud everybody so you can appear rich. You guys created this fucking environment.

Andy Cohen Bethenny Frankel
Bravo’s Andy Cohen and Bethenny Frankel

I can honestly say I never pretended I had a goddamn dollar that I didn’t. Can you imagine what your house looks like? People wanna feel house proud. I haven’t seen the show. I haven’t seen her house, but I’m sure Gina wants to feel proud [of it]. She owns it. She bought it with her own fucking money. It’s not easy to buy a house. I had Brynn for three years. I was in my forties before I bought a house. The first thing I ever bought my whole life was my apartment in Tribeca. I was like 41. I was scared. I bought up my own fucking money. I had no money up until then. I always rented.”

On Instagram, Bethenny Frankel also shared a rant from one Bravo fan, who supported Gina’s clapback at Andy.

“50+ people sent this to me. Is this why housewives steal & go bankrupt to look rich? Or get made fun of for owning your home…. Did the whale write that?”

Bethenny Frankel Bethenny is doubling down on her opinions about Andy Cohen and Bravo
Bethenny Frankel Bethenny is doubling down on her opinions about Andy Cohen and Bravo

The original post read:

“This would be exactly what [Bethenny Frankel] is talking about … he pits guests on his show in positions to answer questions that reinforce his own opinions. I feel like the tides are turning against Andy.”

“[Andy] made a lot of enemies, and it just sort of feels like people are speaking out against him more and more … burgeoning cancellation is on the horizon for him. Has Andy passed his prime? Maybe he just needs to be ‘on pause.’”

Bethenny Frankel  comments on one Bravo fan's rant about Andy Cohen shading Real Housewives on WWHL
Bethenny Frankel comments on one Bravo fan’s rant about Andy Cohen shading Real Housewives on WWHL.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

Thoughts on Bethenny’s rant? Are fans growing tired of Andy’s shady antics? Sound off in the comments!

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