RHONY: Ubah + Erin’s Drama Heats Up – Who’s Side Are You On?!


On Sunday’s episode of RHONY, the tension between Ubah Hassan and Erin Lichy began to boil over during their girls trip to Anguilla.

The drama on this week’s episode of RHONY kicked off where we left off last week – with Ubah grabbing Erin’s sunglasses off her face and refusing to return them.

As the ladies headed to a beach bar, Ubah set a timer and said she’d return Erin’s sunglasses after 45 minutes. Ubah did this as payback for Erin taking her phone the night before.

Erin said that Ubah’s behavior was “not okay” and that the former supermodel ruined her “last day” on the trip.

“I mean, this girl is my friend,” Erin told the cameras. “This is the first conflict I’ve ever had with her, and it’s the worst conflict I’ve ever had in my life. Like, I have no idea what’s going on with her, and I didn’t even know she had this side.”

Once the group arrived at the beach bar, Ubah returned the sunglasses to Erin.

“Instead of getting so mad, talk to me like a normal friend,” Erin said, while Ubah fired back: “Don’t tell me what to do; I’m not a kid.” 

Ubah Hassan gets emotional discussing the death of her mother
Ubah Hassan gets emotional discussing the death of her mother on RHONY

When Brynn Whitfield attempted to diffuse the tension, the tables were turned with both Ubah and Erin revealing mean things they have each said about Brynn.

Ubah claims that Erin called Brynn a “social climber,” while Erin says Ubah once called Brynn a “spoiled brat.”

Brynn was shocked by the allegations as Ubah continued to call out Erin for talking about Brynn behind her back while showering her with love to her face.

After finishing their drinks, the RHONY cast headed to lunch, where Ubah and Erin’s drama continued on.

Erin asked Ubah why she was “putting a fork in my ass” and messing with her so much. The 36-year-old announced that she was leaving lunch and heading back to the villa as she needed to “get off this rollercoaster.”

“I literally cannot be near her. The things that she said about me? She will not stop talking about me,” she told Sai de Silva.

Erin Lichy slams RHONY co-stars Sai de Silva and Brynn Whitfield for their behavior at her anniversary party
Erin Lichy slams RHONY co-stars Sai de Silva and Brynn Whitfield for their behavior at her anniversary party.

After Erin’s exit, the RHONY cast confronted Ubah about her anger towards Erin. Ubah fired back, saying that she was done with Erin’s victimization and painting with the “angry black woman” stereotype.

“I am so done with this narrative [that] black women are angry,” she confessed. “We are passionate, and we don’t take any s—- and we’re not fake.”

“Ubah’s right. When Black women get upset, people take it upon themselves to think that it’s this ‘angry black woman’ mentality when you’re just showing emotion just like every other woman,” Sai admitted in her confessional, adding: “However, I just don’t think it plays out into this situation.”

When the RHONY cast arrived back at the villa, Erin pulled Ubah aside to resolve their issues. Erin told Ubah that her comments hit her hard “because I actually love you.”

The two went back and forth as they each attempted to share their respective perspectives.

Eventually, Ubah suggested they forgo this conversation and leave their issues unresolved.

Later on, Ubah joined the rest of the ladies in the hot tub. Brynn brought up her issues with Erin, who walked in to join them. According to Brynn, Erin’s claims that she flirted with her husband were extremely harmful to her “integrity.”

“As I’m in this hot tub time machine, I’m starting to like swirl a little bit, and realizing that these accusations, as much as I keep wanting to overlook them as my friend — it’s really reckless,” Brynn said in her confessional.

RHONY star Brynn Whitfield reacts to the guests at Jessel Taank's party
RHONY star Brynn Whitfield reacts to the guests at Jessel Taank’s party

“There’s no accountability. She doesn’t hold herself accountable [and] I know we don’t hold her accountable,” she added. 

“Why are you bringing this up now?” Erin demanded before putting the blame on Ubah.

“Because she’s riling you up?” Erin said while pointing to Ubah.

As Ubah denied the claim, Erin screamed: “Shut up! Shut your f—ing mouth! You are such a b—-!”

“No, you are a b—-!” Ubah fired back. “And guess what? It’s coming to you.”

Brynn began to question why Erin was overreacting so much to Ubah’s claims she was a liar. Erin said it had gone “too far” and Ubah was “abusing her.”

“You’re pushing me to the ground,” Erin said before bursting into tears. “What do you want from me? I didn’t f—ing — Like I took your phone as a joke. You tried to get everyone against me… It’s enough.”

“I think Erin’s a f—ing liar for sure, but I think she’s like breaking down, and I don’t want her to break down,” Brynn whispered to Jessel Taank.

Ubah softened to Erin once she saw her break down and gave her a hug.

“It’s enough,” Erin cried. “What are you doing to me?”

The two attempted to fix their issues for the third time. Erin told Ubah that she was “really hurt” and said she was “scared to be friends with you.”

Erin and Ubah discussed their feelings and resolved their issues once and for all.

The Real Housewives of New York airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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