Meredith Marks Has Major Melt Down & Says That Whitney Rose Targets Her Because She Is The ‘Queen’


Meredith Marks had a major melt down on the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City after Whitney Rose invited Angie Katsanevas on a girls trip Meredith was hosting.

Many wondered why Meredith Marks had issues with Angie to begin with and during dinner Meredith accused Angie of publicly saying she would never be friends with Meredith which shocked Angie who denied ever saying this. Angie then asked Meredith if she can tell her how Meredith’s behavior made her feel in which Meredith let her know she was not interested. Meredith Marks then proceeded to ask Angie to leave even confusing the waiter for security when asking that they remove Angie from the restaurant.

Meredith Marks

With Angie refusing to leave, Meredith left the table in tears as her former BFF Lisa Barlow followed. Speaking to Lisa outside the restaurant, Meredith referenced Angie’s husband, slurring, “I want to go for the jugular and talk about the s*it, the rumors, the nastiness about her. You want me to go there with her husband? I can go there. Don’t f*** with me. Tell her to f*** off.”

Things escalated when Whitney and Meredith got into it with Whitney accusing Meredith never owning her stuff and finding an excuse saying, “Every time that I try to have a conversation with Meredith, there’s some big extraneous situation.”

Speaking to New York Live, Meredith opened up about the drama surrounding her friendship with Whitney saying that she has always been Whitney’s target

Meredith explains, “It seems Whitney loves to poke at me and come after me.” Meredith elaborates that people like Whitney ‘always come after the Queen.’

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