RHONY Recap: Erin Lichy Confronts Cast Members One by One At Holiday Event


On the latest episode of RHONY, Erin Lichy’s pettiness reaches a fever pitch as she attacks her co-stars one by one at a holiday event.

The drama heats up on this week’s episode of RHONY! Brynn Whitfield hosts a fabulous wreath decorating party that naturally goes awry thanks to some tension between a few of the ladies.

All of the ladies arrive at the event in great spirits, minus Ubah Hassan, who is still at home battling COVID-19. Ugh, what a bummer.

RHONY stars Jenna Lyons, Sai De Silva, and Jessel Taank are all kiking with Brynn at her event when Erin Lichy rolls in, ready to create chaos.

“I want to ruin [Brynn’s] party just like she ruined mine,” Erin admits in her confessional interview, referring to Brynn flirting with her husband, Abe Lichy, at their anniversary party during last week’s episode.

RHONY star Erin Lichy laughs off claims she was flirting with Erin Lichy's husband
RHONY star Erin Lichy laughs off claims she was flirting with Erin Lichy’s husband

Erin’s pettiness is epic, but it’s no secret that Brynn is flirty AF. Flirting is like breathing to Brynn. And it’s not like Brynn was flirting with Abe behind Erin’s back – she was doing it out in the open in front of everyone, which is how you know it’s harmless fun. Brynn was just being her cheeky, flirty self!

As the wreath decorating party kicks into full gear, Erin decides to start picking off her co-stars one by one.

Erin decides to start with Sai, telling her: “I think [leaving the party without saying goodbye] is incredibly rude, and you have bad manners.”

However, Sai doesn’t give a f–k.

Sai de Silva fires back at Erin Lichy
Sai de Silva fires back at Erin Lichy

“I don’t care!” Sai quips. According to Sai, she was hungry and needed to leave the party to eat. Erin insists there was plenty of delicious food at the party, but Sai disagrees.

“I’m getting so annoyed by Sai’s hungry excuse. Like maybe you should get that checked out. It seems like something is wrong,” Erin says.

The two continue to go back and forth, but when Erin realizes she’s not going to break Sai, she sets her sights on Brynn.

“What you did was horrendous,” Erin tells Brynn. The market consultant attempts to play off and deny Erin’s claims against her.

“I didn’t say ‘divorce,’” Brynn insists. Of course, producers insert soundbites of Brynn joking with Abe, saying “divorce” and “trial separation.”

“If you accuse me of flirting with a married man, it’s gonna really get real,” Brynn says. “It was a fucking joke, don’t flatter yourself. The party was fucking boring!”

Erin Lichy slams RHONY co-stars Sai de Silva and Brynn Whitfield for their behavior at her anniversary party
Erin Lichy slams RHONY co-stars Sai de Silva and Brynn Whitfield for their behavior at her anniversary party

At this point, Erin has reached her boiling point, so she grabs her jacket and storms out of the wreath decorating event. As for strolls home, Erin calls her sister Kelley for advice.

“Brynn tried to wear sunglasses inside, like, honey, you’re not a celebrity,” Kelley quips in defense of Erin. Mic drop.

Who knew wreath-making could be so dramatic? The drama continues next week.

Season 14 of RHONY airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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