Siggy Flicker Reveals RHONJ Production Bought the Wreath For Teresa Giudice’s Mom, NOT Margaret Josephs


The iconic Siggy Flicker is back on the AllAboutTRH Podcast. The Bravo alum opens up about production orchestrating scenes on RHONJ.

Former RHONJ star Siggy Flicker is spilling the tea on the antics of the production team behind the New Jersey Real Housewives franchise.

While appearing on the AllAboutTRH podcast, Siggy explains that there was drama between her and Margaret Josephs “from day one” and that it was all orchestrated by production.

“Like we already have drama naturally brewing up,” SIggy Flicker notes, questioning why production feels the need to stir the pot even more.

Siggy Flicker Tells All - Part One With AllAboutTRH Podcast
Siggy Flicker With RHONJ cast

“There was drama between me and Margaret from day one. I could take on Margaret, I could take on all of them. I can’t take on production. I cannot. I, as a human being, cannot take on what they’re going to do with the edit in the editing room. It’s not fair. It’s not fair to bombard me every day. I couldn’t wait to run away from that show. I couldn’t wait,” Siggy explained, adding that she just wanted the RHONJ production team to let her film her scenes and be done with it.

Speaking of filming scenes, Siggy Flicker reveals that production was behind so many scenes that happened on RHONJ, specifically during season 8, which is when Margaret Josephs joined the show.

It turns out that one of the scenes that made RHONJ viewers initially fall in love with Margaret was staged by production. During season 8, the RHONJ cast took a trip to Boca Raton, where some of the ladies participated in a yoga session on the beach. After yoga, Margaret presented Teresa Giudice with a large white rose wreath in honor of her late mother, Antonia Gorga. An emotional Teresa then released the floral wreath into the ocean.

According to Siggy, Margaret did NOT buy that wreath for Teresa. Siggy reveals that production set the whole thing up, noting that Margaret NEVER even met Teresa’s mother.

“Production bought a wreath and had Margaret do something at the Boca Hotel and Resort,” Siggy confessed. “She never ever met Teresa’s mom. She just met Teresa seven days prior to filming that scene. How do you think the viewers are even gonna buy into that? Are you guys that stupid?”

AllAboutTRH podcast hosts Roxanne and Shantel admitted that they believed it.

“Do you see what an edit could do? You think Margaret Josephs went to Florida and said, ‘Huh, you know, you know. think that we should buy Teresa’s a wreath?’ That was all production bought,” Siggy added.

Siggy explains that producers brought Margaret onto RHONJ under the guise that they were friends, but that was not the case at all. In fact, Siggy insists that production encouraged Margaret to go after her on the show.

“They said to Margaret, ‘Go after Siggy.’ They introduced Margaret on the show as if Margaret and I were friends. Siggy Flicker would never be friends with Margaret Josephs, not in this lifetime. She’s not a girl’s girl. She’s not fun. She’s like a girl that’s just like, okay, I need dirt,” Siggy said.

Roxanne noted that it was “shocking” to learn that production bought the wreath for Teresa and said it was from Margaret, which is when Siggy further exposed the production teams’ antics.

“Let’s go further. Who do you think bought the cake?” Siggy asked, referencing the birthday cake for Melissa Gorga that wound up on the floor following a cake fight in Boca.

Siggy Flicker presents Melissa Gorga with cake during cast trip to Boca Raton
Siggy Flicker presents Melissa Gorga with cake during a cast trip to Boca Raton.

“I swear to you, on my children’s life, I didn’t buy the cake,” Siggy revealed. “I called up the place that the production asked for, at the Boca Hotel and Resort, because I’m also a member there. They said they’re gonna make a cake [and] production paid for the cake. And they said to me, ‘Siggy, what about Melissa?’ And I said, ‘Well, she’s got a beautiful store and, you know, make it pinky and envy and all that.’ I gave them ideas. I didn’t go and look at it.”

Siggy then adds that she and Dolores Catania were genuinely upset that production left them out of the beach wreath scene with Teresa as they, unlike Margaret, actually knew Teresa’s mom and attended her funeral.

“When they asked Margaret to [film that wreath scene at the beach], you and Dolores were so upset that you guys weren’t there. Was that real? Were you and Dolores really upset that you met?” Roxanne asked Siggy.

“We were when we found out,” Siggy admitted. “My friends were on the beach that day [and] are calling me going, ‘Siggy, they’re doing a whole scene, a memorial for Teresa’s mom.’ Now, I didn’t know the Margaret storyline was gonna be faked out. And I went, ‘Wait, Dolores and I are at Raw Juice, and they’re excluding us.’ We actually knew Theresa’s mom. Yeah. We actually went to the funeral, and they’re excluding us from that scene.’

Listen to Siggy’s full interview with the AllAboutTRH podcast below!

Part two of Siggy’s final interview with AllAboutTRH will be released on Wednesday, August 9.

Filming for season 14 of RHONJ will reportedly kick off in August.

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