Jennifer Aydin Addresses Drama With Real Housewives of Orange County Alum Meghan King


Jennifer Aydin is clearing the air when it comes to her recent social media drama with Real Housewives of Orange County alum Meghan King.

On Thursday night, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star took to her Instagram Story to address the recent social media drama she had with Meghan King.

It seems that Jennifer Aydin is attempting to put her drama with Meghan to bed while also addressing Meghan’s claim that she came to her for dating advice last year.

Teresa Giudice and Louie Ruelas pose together; Jennifer Aydin goes off in angry tirade; Meghan King gets shady on WWHL; Brooks Ayers denies faking cancer in Interview
Bravolebs: Jennifer Aydin fires back at Meghan King for comparing Louie Ruelas to Brooks Ayers

Jennifer said:

“I’d like to address this Megan King thing. I mean, you know what? I liked Megan. She was on OC and I, I liked her. I mean, her [then] husband I [didn’t] like so much. He was always rude and nasty and like, seemed like he didn’t wanna be on camera. And then I just thought maybe he doesn’t wanna be on camera. But that’s beside the point. I always liked Megan. I did. But when I saw what she said on Watch What Happens Live, it was just mean. It was very, very mean. And for somebody like me who knows Louie and just spends real time with [him and Teresa], it’s unfortunate that you have to say something with such absolution.”

jennifer aydin arguing on rhonj
RHONJ’s Jennifer Aydin

“I mean, you didn’t even say like, oh, I think he could be, or he comes across this way. Um, but you were like, he’s a line ball, and you were just mean, you were being mean for no reason for somebody you didn’t even know. And, um, you, being in the public eye, should know that that could be hurtful or frustrating to some people.”

Jennifer said she only spoke out because “it didn’t seem like anybody was saying anything” to defend Louie, so she decided to be “the Good Samaritan” and do just that.

She added: “You gotta come through for your friends, and there’s this narrative that’s piling on about Louis and, and it’s like, dude, fake news. Fake news. Don’t believe the hype. I want people who have met Louie in passing fans, fans that you have nothing to gain or lose.”

As for Meghan’s claims that Jennifer DM’ed her for dating advice, the mom of five denied that was the case.

Meghan recently shared a DM she received from Jennifer on her Instagram Story. In the DM, Jennifer asks about the name of a dating app for her sister, who has been “a widow for 11 years.” Jennifer explains that she is “Trying to encourage her to sign up for some dating apps. But I don’t have any idea which ones are worthy.”

“Funny how @jenniferaydin has a lot to say [about] my track record in men yet comes straight to me for advice on dating apps,” Meghan wrote alongside her Instagram Story, sharing the DM.

Jennifer Aydin denies reaching out to Meghan King on Instagram for dating advice
RHONJ’s Jennifer Aydin claps back Meghan King

In response to Meghan’s Instagram Story, the RHONJ star said: “And you are bringing up me DMing you. Babe, I have a confession to make. I wasn’t asking your advice on men. That wasn’t, that wasn’t it. I mean, I didn’t think you had good taste in men and, and listen to each his own. That’s my opinion. It may not matter to you. I wanted the name of the app. I had heard you were on some bougie app that was like really, really exclusive, and I just wanted in the know, honey, that’s what I wanted. And you know, maybe you got a bad apple, but like that doesn’t mean everybody does. And a lot of people are meeting through dating apps. You know, it’s unfortunate that it didn’t work out for you, but in this day and age, how are people meeting people?”

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jennifer Aydin and Teresa Giudice discuss family drama with Joe and Melissa Gorga
RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice and Jennifer Aydin

Jennifer then circled back to why she started drama with Megahn on social media in the first place.

“I said something to defend my friend, and I think that you would too if you knew something to be absolutely not true. I don’t wanna start with you. I didn’t, really didn’t I was defending my friend. I hope you [can] respect that.”

Meanwhile, Jennifer went into further detail about her DM to Meghan in the comment section of AllAboutTRH’s Instagram post about the drama.

The RHONJ star commented:

“It was January 2022, right after her divorce. I wouldn’t ask [for] advice from someone who just got divorced. Touchy Time?. I just wanted the app for personal reasons. I don’t know why she would post a message that doesn’t even prove her point. SMH. And although these apps sometimes have losers, they have winners, too. You just have to know how to pick ‘em.”

Jennifer Aydin explains why and when she reached out to Meghan King via DM
Jennifer Aydin explains why and when she reached out to Meghan King via DM

If you don’t recall, earlier this month, Jennifer Aydin slammed Meghan on Instagram after the Real Housewives of Orange County alum compared Teresa Giudice‘s husband, Louie Ruelas, to Vicki Gunvalson‘s cancer-scamming ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, while appearing on Watch What Happens Live.

On WWHL, one fan asked Meghan if she sees similarities between Louie and Brooks, to which Meghan replied, “He’s 100 percent in the Brooks realm. He’s a slimeball narcissist. He’s a terrible dude.”

While Teresa didn’t ever address Meghan’s comments, Jennifer Aydin commented on one of Meghan’s Instagram posts from WWHL, and she didn’t hold back.

“Listening to an opinion from a person who doesn’t know him at all and has never met him a day in her life is not that smart. But then again, neither is her track record [with] men #teamlouie,” Jennifer shared.

Jennifer Aydin defends Teresa Giudice and Louie Ruelas
Jennifer Aydin defends Teresa Giudice and Louie Ruelas

Production for season 14 of Real Housewives of New Jersey will start in late August.

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