Heather Dubrow Teases RHOC Feud Involving Her Kids Plus Kelly Dodd Claps Back At Heather Calling her ‘Irrelevant’


Heather Dubrow isn’t holding back when it comes to teasing the drama to come on season 17 of the Real Housewives of Orange County and dishing on her long-running feud with Kelly Dodd.

Fancy Pants appeared on the June 28 episode of Out & About, where she dished on a surprising RHOC feud involving one of her kids. She also dubbed her arch nemesis Kelly Dodd “irrelevant.”

As RHOC fans know, Heather and her husband, Terry Dubrow, share four children: 19-year-old twins Max and Nick, 16-year-old daughter Kat, and 12-year-old son Ace. Three of their children have come out as gay or bisexual in recent years.

Heather said: “It’s like, your family’s your family. Your kids are your kids. There was no big revelation. I didn’t need time to process [the news.] When you’re a parent, you want your kids to have an easy, great life.”

“When you have a child that is outside of what society calls the norm, whatever that is … you worry for your kid. You worry that they are going to have a tough time, and so as a parent, that is what I worry about. Are they gonna be safe? Are they gonna be loved? Are they gonna be taken care of?” she continued.

The former actress then revealed that something goes down during season 17 of RHOC that involves one or more of her children and a co-star.

“There was an incident with a cast member on our show that I’m going to have to deal with eventually. That was something that was just outrageous,” she confessed.

Speaking of co-stars having drama with her children, Heather addressed the criticism she received about her “announcement” over her son Ace’s transition.

Heather insists she simply “acknowledged [her] child because other people wanted to talk about him.”

“We were really trying to just like have him have a safe space to be who he is and maybe now leave him alone. It wasn’t announced on the show, and it’s not discussed,” she explained.

Former RHOC star Kelly Dodd has been extremely outspoken about Heather and her children.

On the Monday, March 6 episode of their Daily Smash podcast, Kelly and her husband, Rick Leventhal, slammed the Dubrows, calling them “famewhores” who are engaging in “child abuse” after they announced their youngest child is transgender and now goes by the name Ace.

Then in April, Kelly made transphobic comments about Heather and her kids.

Kelly Dodd goes after Heather Dubrow and kids in Instagram post
Kelly Dodd slams Heather Dubrow and her kids

When it comes to Kelly’s criticism, Heather says she isn’t concerned with her former co-star’s “irrelevant” opinions. However, will not stand for Kelly going after her children in any shape or form.

“People who are irrelevant are irrelevant, so I wouldn’t waste five seconds worrying about someone that makes no difference in the world. I would also say that people that make a living by being hatemongers, that’s their own evil karma that will come back, and I have no time for that. What I will say is that with my family and my kids, yes, I’m fiercely protective. And yeah. Don’t come after my children,” Heather stated.

Kelly caught wind of Heather’s comments after Reality Blurb reported them. Kelly responded to Heather’s comments in a post on her Instagram page.

“If I’m irrelevant, why is Heather talking about me?? And for the record, I haven’t said anything bad about her kids, just about her and what bad parent she is, outing her youngest at 12 years old and then claiming hse’s creating a safe space? Ridiculous. She’s trying to capitalize on their sexuality, and it’s disgusting,” Kelly wrote.

Kelly Dodd claps back at Heather Dubrow calling her "irrelevant"
Kelly vs. Heather

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs on Wednesdays at 8 on Bravo.

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