Andy Cohen Insists Tamra Judge Didn’t Steal Dorinda Medley’s Tagline


The Bravoverse is abuzz over allegations Tamra Judge stole Dorinda Medley’s tagline for season 17 of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

Earlier this month, Bravo dropped the taglines for season 17 of RHOC. While all of the RHOC season 17 taglines were fun, quippy, and a little bit shady, one tagline sounded awfully familiar to some Bravo fans.

Tamra Judge‘s season 17 tagline is:

“I might’ve been on pause, but now? I’m ready to play!”

Tamra Judge's RHOC season 17 tagline
Returning RHOC star Tamra Judge

While this is a fabulous tagline, it is almost identical to a tagline Dorinda Medley created for her eventual return to the Real Housewives of New York.

Back in 2021, Dorinda Medley appeared on The Nick Cannon Show, where she was asked what her tagline would be if she ever returned to RHONY.

Oddly enough, the tagline Dorinda created off the cuff in 2021 is eerily similar to Tamra’s RHOC tagline in 2023. What a coincidence!

According to Tamra Judge, she had five tagline options for season 17 and recorded them all. Despite Tamra mentioning that one of the taglines was similar to one already coined by Dorinda Medley, producers chose to use that tagline anyway.

“I was given 5 taglines to repeat by production. I had told them that specific one was close to what Dorinda had said about being on pause, and I didn’t want to use that one. And they picked that one. Not my doing!” Tamra said in a comment on The Reality Rundown Instagram.

Meanwhile, Andy Cohen addressed the drama on his Radio Andy Show.

Andy Cohen looking annoyed by the drama.
Andy Cohen looks annoyed by the drama.

The Watch What Happens Live host said, “Now, Tamra’s tagline is something like, ‘I was on pause, and now I’m ready to press play,’ and after the taglines came out, Dorinda texted me and said something like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ or something. I go, ‘Yeah, it’s funny, whatever.’” 

 He continued, “I thought Dorinda was commenting on the fact that Tamra was using the word, you know, the term being on pause in her tagline and that Dorinda, really in the Housewives cannon, was the first person that I’ve used that term to.”

Yet, Andy now admits he was wrong and that Dorinda does deserve credit for the tagline but also notes that Tamra didn’t steal Dorinda’s tagline.

Dorinda Medley getting into a fight while drinking on RHONY
RHONY alum Dorinda Medley

“Someone sent me a clip yesterday of her on Nick Cannon saying, “I want my tagline to be…” and it was the exact timeline as Tamra,” Andy explained. “That’s what she was referring to, so I texted her and said, ‘Dorinda, I am so sorry. I am now realizing what you were upset about.’”

“So, I know Dorinda talked about it on her Radio Andy show, but [I] just want to give Dorinda the props A., that she came up with it and B. the truth is there are no taglines on Ultimate Girls Trip, so she wouldn’t have necessarily been able to say that tagline,” the 55-year-old added. “Maybe that’s a little bit, it’s a great tagline, and I think it works for Tamra, and I just want to let people know Tamra did not steal it.”

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