RHOC S17: Gina Reveals that Tamra was ‘Very Lit’ While Heather ‘Crossed Boundaries’


Get ready, Bravo fans, because season 17 of RHOC is going extra juicy and extra dramatic, according to Gina Kirschenheiter.

The longtime RHOC season 17 star is giving fans a taste of the drama to come during season 17 of the show.

Gina reveals to Page Six that returning Housewife Tamra Judge was usually tipsy when the cameras were rolling during season 17.

“Tamra was very lit a lot of the [time],” Gina teased, adding that newbie Jennifer Pedranti was “shocked” by some of Tamra’s behavior.

In the RHOC season 17 trailer, Bravo fans saw Tamra toss a napkin in Jennifer’s face during one fight.

“There were parts that I was like, ‘Sit down, have a bite, have a drink of water, girlfriend,’” the RHOC newbie said of Tamra’s drunken antics.

She adds that Tamra’s behavior, especially the napkin toss, left her “frozen” like a “deer in headlights.”

Gina agrees, adding that Tamra needed “carbs and a little time out” after some of her antics. She does admit that she was “actually happy” to hear Tamra was returning for season 17 because she’s “a really good cast member.”

“If nothing else, she’s Tamra, and she’s feisty as f–k,” Gina said, noting that Tamra’s behavior on the show was “probably difficult” for Jennifer to handle “because they have history.”

RHOC-Season-17-Cast Tamra Judge Shannon Storms Beador, Heather Dubrow, Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson
RHOC season 17 cast

Jennifer points out that she’s “never” known Tamra as a Housewife; she’s only ever known her as a “girlfriend,” so seeing this other side of her longtime friend was difficult.

“And so to come into this part of Tamra’s life and our friendship, there were parts for me where I was like, ‘Holy s–t, what is happening right now?’” she confessed.

More importantly, Gina gives Jennifer props because she is “not afraid of Tamra,” while Jennifer agrees that Tamra is “made for” reality TV.

It’s no secret that while filming season 17 of RHOC, Tamra butted heads with Heather Dubrow. Gina now admits she and Heather also hit a rough patch in their friendship while filming season 17.

“I’m not gonna lie, this season, Heather and I went through it. We definitely did,” she admitted. “It really was up and down for Heather and me this season. It got real.”

Despite fans believing she was “up Heather’s ass” last season, Gina explains that she thought Heather was “really cool,” so she struck up a friendship with the mom of four. However, she insists that doesn’t mean she’s Heather’s puppet at all.

“But when I get offended, or somebody crosses a line — I don’t care who you are, how much money you have — I have boundaries. And when you cross those boundaries, that’s not OK with me,” Gina explained, noting that she was “very vocal when things were bothering” her throughout the season.

She adds that she and Heather’s friendship is “solid” nowadays after the two “addressed things and worked things out.”

Finally, Gina and Jennifer touch upon Vicki Gunvalson’s season 17 cameos.

“When she first came back, I was like, ‘I don’t know how I feel about this.’ But honestly, Vicki was so fun. She’s so funny. It was a joy to have her back,” Gina confessed before admitting that the “OG of the OC” was “so nice” to her while filming the upcoming season of RHOC.

Jennifer calls Vicki “great,” saying, “She was a girl’s girl! She would pull me aside, and she kinda wanted to love up and give me advice.”

Both Gina and Jennifer agree that Vicki is “happier,” more “comfortable,” and “at peace” with where she is in her life compared to the last time Bravo fans saw the OG of the OC on RHOC.

RHOC returns to Bravo for season 17 on Wednesday, June 7.

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In RHOC Season 17, Gina reveals that Tamra was ‘very lit,’ indicating she may have been intoxicated or under the influence during certain events or situations.

During RHOC Season 17, Gina alleges that Heather crossed boundaries, though the specific incidents are not detailed in this information. Further details may be available in the show.

This information only touches on Gina’s revelations about Tamra and Heather in Season 17. The season may include other dramatic moments and conflicts that viewers will want to tune in to discover.

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