Allegations of Domestic Abuse Surrounding Joe and Melissa Gorga’s Relationship

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Former Real Housewives of New Jersey friend Caroline Rauseo revealed some shocking allegations about Joe and Melissa Gorga after Melissa claimed that Teresa Giudice is “bored” and has an “unhappy home.”  Domestic abuse On Instagram, Caroline alleged that Joe “smacked” Melissa “to the ground” at a club because she was flirting. She then claimed that there is “domestic abuse” in the Gorga home. On top of that, Caroline accused Melissa of “lying” and being “fake.” She also insists that the Gorga household is the real “unhappy home.”  She then insisted that Melissa needs to “learn humility.”  Caroline wrote:
“Yeah, ok Melissa…it’s due to your lying, fake-ass character that needs to be exposed. You’ve been lying for yearsssss – let’s talk about unhappy homes…hmmm, do [you] want to talk about the domestic abuse in your home??!!! He smacked you in public in a club [because] you were flirting. Sad, and I do feel bad for you [because] no one should ever be put through that, but you need to stop putting on the facade. You should have been nicer when we filed. [You] know exactly what I mean. [You] disregard me as if I didn’t exist [because] [you] know I know A LOT. [You] should learn humility. That’s a good lesson for you.” All of these claims are alleged. The Real Housewives of New Jersey returns for season 13 on February 7.

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Caroline alleged that Joe Gorga physically assaulted Melissa Gorga at a club because she was flirting. She also claimed that there is domestic abuse in the Gorga household. Additionally, Caroline accused Melissa of being fake and lying, stating that the Gorga home is the real unhappy one.

Caroline stated that Melissa Gorga has been lying for years and that her fake-ass character needs to be exposed. She also mentioned that Melissa should learn humility and stop putting on a facade. Caroline implied that Melissa disregarded her during a filing process, suggesting that Melissa knows she has a lot of information about her.

The thirteenth season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is set to return on February 7.

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