Brandi Glanville’s Accusations and Potential RHOBH Comeback

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Brandi Glanville may be on the brink of her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills comeback, but that doesn’t mean she still isn’t bitter over getting fired from the show in 2015. The unfiltered reality TV star recently appeared on Teddi Mellencamp’s Two T’s in a Pod podcast, where she blamed Lisa Vanderpump for getting her fired from the show following season 5. According to Brandi, Bravo fans turned on her once she had a falling out with LVP, which ultimately led to her being let go from the show. “Once I crossed LVP, I was fired after that because I had lost my audience, no one liked [me] –  I was the enemy, and I agree with you … like you can’t win after that. I mean, I had other issues happening, but crossing LVP was like pretty much the end of me,” she claimed. Meanwhile, Brandi recently chatted with Entertainment Tonight‘s Brice Sanders, where she teased her comeback to RHOBH  following the departures of Lisa Rinna and Diana Jenkins. Sanders noted that when Rinna announced her exit, many believed it was the perfect time for Brandi to slide in and take her place. “I think that they’re still trying to figure out what they’re doing exactly with it. I feel like there’s a few different things they could do. I feel like they might be bringing back LVP. I’m not sure,” Brandi admitted. Speaking of LVP, Sanders addressed the rumors that Bravo may be bringing back both Brandi and LVP for season 13 of RHOBH. “I really honestly know nothing. I really, they, you know, they don’t tell us, and this, especially not me, I’m the biggest not on the planet <laugh>, so they’re like, okay, if I’m coming back, I will be the last person to know,” Brandi said. However, she confirmed that if Bravo tossed her a diamond, she would catch it. “I mean, who’s not gonna catch a Diamond,” Brandi said with a laugh. Brandi also revealed why she injected herself into LVP’s reaction to Rinna’s departure from RHOBH. As we reported, LVP tweeted “ding dong” after the news of Rinna’s exit broke. Brandi then fired off a tweet that said the “witch is not dead. She’s playing ding dong ditch.” As for why she got involved, Brandi said, “Well, because I actually like Lisa Rinna, and I felt like it was the low blow. Like, obviously, when somebody believes the show, there’s a lot of emotions with it, and like, I just don’t like kicking people when, when they’re down. It’s just not my [style]; I could handle Lisa. I think we have a lot of unfinished business for sure.” When it comes to her relationship with LVP, Brandi says that they have “unfinished business” and notes that this time around, she can handle LVP. “I could handle Lisa. I think we have a lot of unfinished business for sure,” Brandi quipped before elaborating on their former friendship, “I think I’ve mourned it at this point for long enough. I missed what I thought it was. It was never that, and I’ve learned that since then. So it’s hard to miss something that wasn’t real.” The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is expected to return for season 13 in 2023.

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Brandi blames Lisa Vanderpump for her firing, stating that once she had a falling out with LVP, Bravo fans turned against her, leading to her dismissal from the show.

Brandi hinted at a possible comeback following the departures of Lisa Rinna and Diana Jenkins. She mentioned that Bravo is still figuring out their plans and there are rumors of LVP’s return as well.

Brandi got involved because she likes Lisa Rinna and felt that LVP’s tweet was a low blow. She didn’t want to kick someone when they’re down and believes there is unfinished business between her and LVP.

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