Kelly Dodd Slams ‘Loser’ Melissa Gorga Amid the RHONJ Star’s Feud with Teresa Giudice

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Kelly Dodd calls it like she sees it.

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum slammed Melissa Gorga amid her recently re-ignited feud with sister-in-law Teresa Giudice.

On Reality Blurb’s Instagram, Kelly dubbed Melissa a “loser” and encouraged her to stop riding Teresa’s coattails.

She also suggests that Melissa “get her own life.”

“Melissa is a loser and needs to get her own life and not live off of @teresagiudice,” Kelly commented.

This isn’t the first time Kelly has slammed Melissa. Melissa recently accused Kelly of being “horrible” towards her on social media and saying all sorts of nasty things about her which she finds off because Kelly is always nice to her in person.

“She says the most horrible things about me,” Melissa said on a recent episode of her On Display podcast. “Can I just tell you? And any time I have ever seen the woman, she’s run to me. She’s like ‘hi, how are you?’ She talks about my looks.”

Kelly clapped back on her own podcast, The Rick and Kelly Show, where she unleashed her real feelings about the RHONJ star.

To start Kelly insisted that she never went after Melissa’s looks but simply stated that she has an “altered face.”

“I’m doing recaps on this show. You are on a TV show talking about your looks… So, did I say anything awful? Did I say you were fugly? Did I say you used to be fugly? Did I say you’re pretty now? No. I was just showing that you have an altered face.”

She added, “And that’s fine. I’m all for plastic surgery.”

“I just love how people love to spin their BS, because what would she actually have to talk about? What does Melissa Gorga really actually have to say?” Kelly questioned. “And by the way, when I always ran up to her and said hi to her… She was a snob.”

“She was very snobby to me. Yeah, and I did [approach her]. I’m the one that had to come up to her and say hello. She would look at me. I met her maybe five times, and she was a snob. ‘Hi,’ and she’d walk away, and not even give me the time of day,” the former reality TV star continued. “I didn’t care for her.”

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