Heather Dubrow Teases That Noella Bergener May Not Be Returning For Season 17 After ‘Interesting’ Convo With Andy Cohen; Insists Noella is ‘Inauthentic’ on RHOC

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Noella Bergener could be a one-season wonder, according to Heather Dubrow.

Fancy Pants teased Noella’s Real Housewives of Orange County fate during the April 17 episode of her podcast, Heather Dubrow’s World.

“We had a very interesting conversation that I cannot share before the show… Um, but very interesting,” Heather hinted about a conversation she had with Andy Cohen before a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live.

“The problem is when you get people that have watched too many reality shows and feel like they need this big storyline or they wanna… ‘I’m going to fight with this person. I’m going to do this. I’m going to do that,’ It doesn’t ring authentic, the audience responds to it and that doesn’t get longevity on this show,” she added.

Heather went on to share her feelings on Noella’s inauthentic antics including her riverside screaming session and her choice “to make a moment” out of “taking off her rings on camera, twice.”

“I think you see with the audience too, that it doesn’t ring true,” Heather said.

According to Heather, it seemed like Noella wanted the show to be all about her, adding that she spent most of the time distancing herself from the cast or bad-mouthing the ladies for not being there for her enough.

“[Noella] seems to be always pissed when she’s with everyone and everyone’s not asking her how she’s doing and what’s going on and not a part of the group… [But] she was constantly separating herself from the group,” Heather admitted. “And for someone who says they wanted to be a part of things, I just don’t really get that. It just felt like she wanted to be on a show by herself.”

She added that Noella was always putting on a show for the cameras instead of being her authentic self.

“Talking out loud to yourself by yourself when the cameras are there is a put-on. You don’t walk around your house and go, ‘I wonder if I can light my guitar on fire.’ You’re talking to the camera… It’s just all so inauthentic,” Heather explained.

“She knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s playing a game. I just think it’s B.S.,” she noted.

One example Heathe gave was Noella’s behavior at the finale party. Noella kept claiming all she wanted to do was have fun but the minute the cameras went down Noella went off into a corner by herself while everyone else was enjoying each other’s company.

“As soon as the cameras went down, she was off in the corner. ‘Miss I Wanna Have Fun, I’m Always the Center of the Fun’ was in the corner doing nothing while we all had fun, had drinks with the crew, had drinks with each other, we were dating on tables,” Heather recalled.

The two-part Real Housewives of Orange County reunion begins Wednesday, April 20, at 9 est on Bravo.

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Source: RealityBlurb

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