Vicki Gunvalson Dishes On Run-In With Steve Lodge; Says He Slept In Her Bed After Breaking Up With Her

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Dishing the dirt!

Vicki Gunvalson’s vow to stop talking about her ex Steve Lodge didn’t last long as the OG of the OC is now dishing on her run-in with him over the holidays.

The Real Housewives of Orange County was on a date at Brio in December when her ex-fiancé and his new fiancée, Janis Carlson, walked into the restaurant.

“He ran like a coward with the bimbo,” Vicki told Page Six. “There was no screaming. There was no chasing him like a madwoman. I was more disgusted seeing [Steve].”

She added, “I got off my barstool and walked calmly outside and did not yell or scream but did say, ‘Steve, we have some unfinished business to take care of.’ He did not answer and quickly got into her car.”

Vicki said that Steve fled the restaurant when he spotted her on a date with a man named, Rich Dowdall.

“He walks in with his new fiancée, and he does an about-face because we’re right at the edge of the bar, right at the last two seats, and he runs out,” Dowdall told Page Six, insisting that Vicki  didn’t go “chasing after him.”

He noted that he then told Vicki she wasn’t “ready to date” to which, “She said, ‘That’s not true,’ and I go, ‘You’re carrying a torch bigger than the Olympic torch.’”

Vicki didn’t take kindly to the claim she was still carrying a “torch” for Steve.

“Steve and I were engaged and I loved him very much and was committed to ‘us,’” she explained to the gossip outlet. “He elected to cheat on me and use me and didn’t have the courage to tell me he was cheating on me. He moved from my bed to hers the same day. Tell me any woman that would be ‘OK’ with that.

“It hurts,” she continued. “The fact that this guy Steve can move on as fast as he did, it’s disgusting.”

While Vicki and Dowdall’s romance didn’t last, Vicki has found lust with a new, unnamed flame.

“We met a few times at different venues in OC — always country bars, and I was not interested in pursuing anything with him. He’s a loser,” Vicki said of her short-lived relationship with Dowdall.

“I dodged a bullet [with Steve] and am finally in a great place dating an incredibly honest man that I will keep private as long as possible,” she quipped.

Meanwhile, Vicki, in a separate interview with Page Six, said that Steve gave her mixed messages before ultimately breaking up with her in September 2021.

Vicki says that Steve told her he wanted to break up in January 2021 but continued to live in her home and sleep in her bed.

“I will give him the credit for stating we broke up. But when you break up with somebody, you don’t continue to sleep in their bed and you don’t continue to live with them. So, that was my bad that I didn’t take it at face value because I didn’t want to break up,” Vicki explained.

She continues to insist that Steve “lied,” “cheated” and “used” her.

“That’s the facts,” Vicki states. “If he states he didn’t cheat on me, then why did you continue to live with me? That’s my question to him. Why did you lead me to believe we were going to be OK? Because I was in it for life.”

The former reality TV star notes that she and Steve spent much of 2021 together and the photos on her Instagram prove it.

“He obviously fell out of love with me, and I guess I didn’t want to believe it to be true because we didn’t fight,” Vicki said. “We didn’t have issues other than the fact I was leaning back, not trusting him. And there was a valid point. Why? Because obviously, he had somebody on the sly. So I don’t know what to say other than the facts.”

When Vicki left to film season 2 of the Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip in Massachusetts, Vicki was shocked to learn that Steve had moved out of her home and into his mother’s house.

“I had no idea he was already planning on moving out when I left,” she said. “I had no idea there was another woman. He was home with me every single night.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs on Wednesdays at 9 pm EST on Bravo.

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