RHOSLC Recap: The Miseducation of Mary Cosby

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It may be a new year, but it’s the same old drama for the Salt Lake City Housewives!

Sunday’s episode of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City picked up where the drama ended a few weeks back. The group is as fractured as ever following Jennie’s lunch that totally went awry.

Jennie is upset over Mary’s comments about her “beautiful slanted eyes.” She’s confused by how a black woman doesn’t know that’s an offensive and “insulting” remark to make, especially to an Asian woman. She thinks Mary should be more educated about making racist comments.

“It is insulting to our Asian culture to call me that, and it comes across as racist,” Jennie said in her confessional. “And it’s shocking cause Mary should be more educated and understand it’s not appropriate to say stuff like that.”

Meredith is also not happy with her best friend Lisa, with who she got into a tiff at Jennie’s lunch. She says she is sick of hearing Lisa sing Jen’s praises after all Jen has done to her and her family. At this point, Meredith isn’t sure where her friendship with Lisa stands.

There’s also some gossip going around that perhaps Mary and/or Meredith may have had something to do with Jen’s arrest. Whitney and Heather gossip about the possibility that either had something to do with tipping off the feds to Jen’s whereabouts on the day of her arrest as both ladies weren’t on the bus to Vail.

According to Whitney, Mary told Lisa, “See what happens when you mess with my church, you go to jail” about Jen’s shocking arrest. Heather thinks that Mary could still be harping on her issues with Jen from last season when Jen mocked her marriage.

Heather 100% believes that Mary and Meredith are in “cahoots.” So, Whitney puts the pieces together, saying that if the private investigator Meredith hired to dig up dirt on Jen found something, it’s likely Meredith would have shared that news with Mary. Either of them could have then found out something was going down, which is why neither of them took the bus to Vail with the rest of the ladies.

Whitney also notes that Lisa is now dead-set on going after Mary, which Heather thinks it’s because Meredith left Lisa out of the loop but included Mary.

Meanwhile, the issues between Mary and Jennie came to a head later on in the episode at Whitney Rose at a brand relaunch party. Jennie grabbed all the ladies and brought them to witness her confront Mary.

“Mary has a tendency to say, ‘Oh, I didn’t say that,’ [or] ‘I don’t remember that,’ so I want all the ladies to witness when I confront her, because she’s not going to run away this time,” Jennie said.

Jennie explained that she was “insulted” by Mary’s comments about her eyes.

Mary was shocked by Jennie’s announcement and said, “Really? I love slanted eyes.”

Jennie became even more frustrated telling Mary that she was still using the offensive term; however, Mary insisted she didn’t “mean any harm” by her comment.

“You’re an adult; take some responsibility,” Jennie fired back. “Right now, there is a lot of Asian hate. Take responsibility for your words.”

“I didn’t mean any harm by that. Like, for me, it’s a compliment,” Mary replied; however, Jennie then pointed out, “You can say things differently, like, I love your beautiful eyes. But when you reference ‘I love your slanted eyes,’ you know, it’s very insulting to me.”

Eventually, Mary apologized; however, it’s unclear whether or not she got the point.

“I will never walk down that road,” she said. “I apologize.”

The issues with Mary didn’t stop there. Whitney then admitted she felt the group was glossing over Mary’s offensive remarks.

“I’m very uncomfortable with saying, like, racially derogatory things, and I feel like everyone’s just kind of letting it go,” Whitney explained.

Lisa then brought up the offensive comments Mary made about Jen in Vail. Mary called Jen a “thug” and went on to compare her to “those Mexican people that make all those drugs.”

Mary, however, didn’t remember making the comments, saying, “What? I don’t even talk like that.”

“We’ve got to stop saying things like that to each other,” Whitney told the group as the episode ended.

The drama heats up next week – Check out the preview below!

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

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