Meredith Marks Gets Into It With Jen Shah Over Painful Tweets About Her Family Plus Mary Cosby Forgets She Signed Up To Be On The Real Housewives

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We start off tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City with Heather updating Whitney on how things went with Jen Shah. Heather informs Whitney that they ended up best friends again. Heather then asks Whitney how she feels about Jen right now. Whitney says she is unsure because of how bad things got between them last year. Whitney says she will give it a shot and see what happens with Jen.

Jen and Lisa’s friendship looks stronger than ever. The ladies are on the slopes and having some hot chocolate when Jen says she is planning to get all the girls together. It’s a bit surprising that Jen of all people would be the one to coordinate this when most of the girls don’t even like her. Jen says she is inviting Meredith ice fishing because she wants things to get better but Jen still doesn’t realize why Meredith has reason to be upset with her. I know Brooks is older and can hold his own but Jen needs to stop liking anything that has Brooks name in it. Lisa says she wants Whitney to accept what she says – Lisa thinks Whitney always dissects what she says and says she is over it.

Mary grabs some lunch with her son and sometimes I truly forget Mary is on the show. Mary is a great addition to the show but I just feel like none of these ladies would be friends with her if it wasn’t for the show. Mary’s son wants to move out and Mary asks how he will pay his own rent. He has no plan so most likely will not be getting his own place. Mary says that her son needs to go to the army like his dad and then she describes the army as jumping out of planes saying that he will love it. I think Mary doesn’t really understand what being in the army entails.

Back at Jennie’s house – she’s hanging with the family and they just are come off soooo likeable. Jennie & her husband are chatting when her husband says he wants more children. Jennie doesn’t seem thrilled about this. And Jennie reveals she has had 9 miscarriages which is heartbreaking to hear. She seems 100% sure that she doesn’t want to have children and her husband doesn’t seem to care? She says that she had three C-sections and that her doctor even warned her it wouldn’t be best for her to have more kids. Her husband doesn’t seem to understand. Pregnancy has obviously not been easy for her and with her being older, it’s most likely not a good combination and its very selfish of her husband to keep bringing up. Jennie says she fears that if they have a child the child may not be healthy. Jenny is also annoyed because the family just had a nice day and her husband is almost ruining it by bringing this up when he knows where she stands. Her husband drops it but isn’t happy either.

Meredith reveals that Mary and Brooks have formed a bond in the last year which I find slightly unusual. Meredith says it’s because Brooks feels so targeted by Jen Shah and that Mary can relate. So basically they hate the same person. Brooks says he gets terrified talking about it but he says he logs onto twitter and Jen continues to like things about his sexuality and his sexuality has never been discussed. Mary feels like Meredith should call Jen and ask why she is doing that and I completely agree. It’s obviously affecting Brooks so why is Meredith just not picking up the phone and asking Jen to stop? And why isn’t she letting her know how much its getting to Brooks? Meredith says she was invited ice fishing but it doesn’t feel right to be her guest. Mary says it’s the perfect outlet for Meredith to express the hurt Jen has caused. Then the most bizarre thing happens. After having this serious conversation Mary asks Brooks and Meredith to be silent because she needs to fart? Meredith & Brooks look at Mary like she may be mentally ill. And so did the rest of the world. In what universe does someone ask people to be silent so everyone can hear her fart? Oh my God. That was cringeworthy. Mary says talking about Jen makes her fart. You guys. I can’t.

It’s ice fishing time. Whitney says she is nervous to see Lisa. She thinks Lisa is obsessed with her and may even be attracted to her & that’s quite a stretch. The ladies all arrive and Lisa hugs Whitney hello. Whitney is surprised. Jen says that Mary is not coming because she doesn’t like sitting on a lake and says fishing isn’t her thing. Sometimes I think Mary forgets that this is her job. Which housewife do you know doesn’t come to events just because they don’t like what the event is? I still question why Mary choose to join this show. Meredith shows up even though she told Jen she wouldn’t be available. Lisa is saying she’s feeling optimistic about Meredith & Jen. Lisa tells Meredith she is glad she came and Meredith says she wants to address Jen.

Jen and Meredith finally face each other. Meredith starts off calmly saying she thinks its nice Jen got everyone together but that she is not okay with Jen’s actions. Meredith says she was very clear that if they wanted to be friends that Jen would not speak poorly of her family. Meredith says there are homophobic tweets that Jen has liked that have been horribly painful for someone to be pressured to talk about when they aren’t ready to talk about it yet. Jen acts confused and defensive on what Meredith is talking about. I wish Jen would just own it at this point. Jen denies all the allegations against her so Meredith pulls out the receipts. Jen denies liking any aggressive/hostile tweets towards her family. Jen then says someone is running her social media accounts. Meredith can’t handle it and gets up. She’s sick of the lying and I don’t blame her. Lisa runs after Meredith and tries to stop her from leaving. We then find out that most of these ladies have someone running their social media accounts for them. Meredith is hurt and Jen still wont own anything and I can understand why Meredith is angry. Jen then brings her kids into it. Jen is queen of deflect and Meredith is finished.

How do you think Meredith handled the situation? Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Who’s side are you on?

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