GG Gharachedaghi admits to Wanting to Explore Polyamory!

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Shah’s of Sunset’s GG  Gharachedaghi is open to all types of love! The Bravo Beauty spoke out to Page Six about the status of her love life, and let’s just say that the girl is open minded when it comes to finding true love. According to GG, she had been wanting to explore polyamory; however wasn’t sure if she was ready to take it public: “I think [at first] I was still a little nervous about knowing what it was and saying it out loud without sounding like a whore, you know, because I think that that’s what society has created — that if a woman doesn’t want to just be with one man, she must be a little slutty.” Polyamory is when a person is in a relationship with multiple people; however rules on what defines boundaries etc. generally fluctuate depending on the relationship. GG added that it was “still a relatively new thing” when filming the upcoming season of Shah’s; however she looked to her unfaithful castmates and saw that this may work for them as well: “Like, just put a name to it and be open about it, because maybe that’s what you are! You know, instead of being called a cheater, just say, ‘Hey, I like more than one woman’ or ‘I like more than one man.’” The new mom also praised Will Smith’s daughter Willow who recently expressed a desire to explore polyamory as well, with GG adding: “I’m excited to see what this opens up for a lot of people, because when someone that’s that famous comes out with something like this, people start immediately Googling, ‘What is polyamory?’ And then their minds start opening up. So, I’m excited to see what Willow is doing for us.” I have to admit I had to Google some things myself, but I have a feeling we may be hearing more of this with more celebrities expressing an interest in this type of relationship. Perhaps it’s time Bravo get a ‘Sister Wives’ type show in the works?

Thoughts on GG opening up on this? Are you shocked?

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Polyamory is when a person is in a relationship with multiple people. The rules and boundaries of these relationships can vary depending on the individuals involved.

GG was initially nervous about openly discussing polyamory because of societal judgments and stereotypes. She didn’t want to be labeled as promiscuous or judged for not wanting to be with just one person.

 Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith, recently expressed a desire to explore polyamory. GG believes that when famous individuals like Willow openly discuss these topics, it helps to educate and open minds, leading to more acceptance and understanding.

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