RHONJ Recap: Season Finale

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It’s the Jersey finale, and is it just me or did this season just fly by? I guess time flies when you’re having fun, or in the case of these ladies, not so much fun.

I guess it’s only appropriate that we wait until the finale to meet the infamous Louie who is finally making his RHONJ debut. You can tell he’s nervous being on camera but he clearly is smitten with Tre and treats her like a princess which is a welcome change from Juicy Joe. I’m getting some serious overly done Botox vibes from Louie but it’s Jersey, so I won’t hold it against him as it seems to be the norm there. The two seal their dinner date with a passionate kiss and Tre definitely seems head over heels in love. It’s nice to see her happy and on cloud 9 after going through so much these past few years.

It’s Halloween in Jersey, and that means another party at Marge’s while her house is (still) under construction. Marge and Joe need to hire a Project Manager for the renovation of their home as it’s constantly under construction and is giving me anxiety as a viewer. One house that is always dressed to the nines is the Aydin estate, where Bill and Jennifer are celebrating their anniversary. They have a cute family dinner at home and I love that they included the kids in their celebration. Apparently Bill never officially asked Jennifer for her hand in marriage as in Turkish culture, the eldest male gives consent (which may be tradition but it doesn’t seem romantic.) Bill makes up for it by proposing to Jen with a gorgeous ring which really is breathtaking. Nicely done Dr. Aydin – other husbands should take note!

The day of the Halloween party is here and costumes are varied. Jackie and Evan are going as Sonny and Cher (although Jackie is giving me serious Elvira vibes) while Jennifer is going as another famous Jennifer AKA J.Lo. Frank is Joe Exotic while Dolores is a plastic surgery patient (appropriate for her love of plastic surgery along with dating a doctor.) Going the couple route is Melissa and Joe who are going as mermaids while Marge and Joe are Gomez and Morticia Adams. Still having me scratch my head is Teresa who is going as…..Cotton Candy it looks like? Not her best look but I’ll give her points for creativity.

While the decorations are spooky, the scariest part of the night is Joe and his mancave ways as he stands firm that a woman isn’t complete without a man. Honorable mention the most terrifying part of the night would be Jennifer parked next to an open bar. What happened to Bill’s two drinks max rule for Jen and who is policing her tequila consumption? Fortunately Dolores is a girl’s’ girl and pulls her aside to get food in her with non-alcoholic liquids before she can make a complete mess of herself. Well done Dolores!

While Dolores is a proven girl’s girl, Joe Gorga proves he is not as supportive of the fairer sex. Marge tries to get through to Joe that women having their life revolve around their men hasn’t existed since the 1960’s. News to Joe: women started going to college and forming careers, making us more independent in the process. We’re still working on that equal pay thing – but we’ll get there. Marge calls Joe chauvinistic (which he is) however Melissa doesn’t want her man to be excluded from the friend group so tries to intervene. Melissa ends up having to defend her marriage and it’s hard to take anyone seriously dressed so ridiculously. #JustSaying.

Melissa has a breakdown saying that while she doesn’t agree with her husband’s actions, she doesn’t want anyone else talking about him. Joe Gorga senses something is not going in his direction and joins the conversation which doesn’t exactly go in his favor. Melissa senses that her marriage is about to be a major story line and exits as soon as she can, pulling Joe with her before he can open his mouth. Melissa admits in her confessional that she no longer endorses Love: Italian style and the two leave the party so that they can fight in private like a normal married couple vs. on camera.

That’s a wrap ladies and gentlemen. What were your thoughts? Sound off below!

The RHONJ reunion airs next Wednesday on Bravo.

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