Jana Kramer Confirms she’s not a Part of any ‘Real Housewives of Nashville’ Type Show But Says other Reality Series is on the Way!

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While the ‘Real Housewives of Nashville may not be official yet, one thing is for sure – Jana Kramer won’t be part of it.

Rumors were swirling when known Nashville ‘wives, including Jana Kramer, were seen filming and teasing a new reality show (for the original story, click here.) Kramer originally auditioned for RHOBH as she was a friend of Teddi Mellencamp but revealed that after Teddi wasn’t asked back to the hit reality show, she never heard back from Bravo. Fans suspected that she might finally be filming to become Housewife  as she teased fans in what looked like a confessional look:

While there seemed to be mixed feelings on the potential Nashville show, Jana confirmed that it’s not happening (at least not as of now.) According to People Magazine, Jane confirmed that she isn’t part of any Housewives type show and that she even declined ‘The Real Housewives of Nashville’ “three times.” Kramer added, “When they were trying to cast The Real Housewives of Nashville, and they were interested in me as one of the characters, I was just like ‘No.’ I don’t like girl drama, I don’t want to be a part of it, I don’t want to feed into it … It’s not me, I don’t like it.”

So what was up with her auditioning for RHOBH? According to Jana, “The only reason I entertained the one with Teddi [Mellencamp Arroyave] was because it could be fun to be someone’s sidekick, fun buddy that just kind of comes in.”

So what exactly what Jana filming then? Something is definitely in the works as she added, “We are not saying no to reality TV, we know a lot of people have asked us to do a reality show, it’s just about what kind of show it is because I don’t want it to be like attacking girls. I’m fine with them coming in, seeing our marriage, you know the ins and outs and how we kind of work through it, but still showing the drama.”

“So we did film something and, you know, it’s just a presentation. I don’t know if it will ever get picked up, and again I don’t even know if it’s something that, at the end of the day if we will really do because I know we share so much on the podcast and so much here but sometimes it’s the kiss of death. So that’s something that we have to also think about and be careful of because it’s scary.”

Um….has she not seen the ratio of marriages to divorces after reality TV?

Jana has an idea for how she wants her show to look and feel, saying: “we’re not perfect, but this is how we’re getting through it. I don’t know if they would show that side of like ‘this is how we’re getting through it. I’m sick of the comments already about how much we’re a train wreck, so I don’t want to read more.” Note to Jana: If you think the comments and opinions are bad now – just wait until your marriage is broadcasted for millions to scrutinize.

It already sounds like a hot mess as she added that when the crews tried to film a fight between the couple, Kramer says it didn’t go as planned because though she “kept poking him,” Caussin responded only with love and kindness — not how he acts during a typical argument.

“It was fun to kind of feel that and be like, okay, this would be what we would be doing, and the cameras would be here while we’re having this fight. But if he pretends to be a saint in conversations, I’m out; I’m not doing it!”

As for ‘Real Housewives of Nashville?‘ Rumors are that it may not have a Housewives title or be on Bravo, but it may be more of a ‘Married to Country’ type show and could air on E! or Peacock. Stay tuned for further details.

Thoughts on Jana’s comments? Would you watch her reality show?

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Source: People Magazine 

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