Let’s Discuss: ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Recap!

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Greetings Jersey Fans! If you thought episode one of RHONJ was a doozy the second episode only carries on where the first left off – get ready.

Tre is storming out of Margaret’s house, livid at Jackie’s (extremely poor) analogy. Tre continues to refuse to take any responsibility for her part in the feud and tries to tell her sister in law Melissa that she was being nice to Jackie. I’m neither Team Jackie nor Team Teresa here. Neither are winning in this situation and it’s definitely the lowest of the low to talk about alleged affairs with no proof along with kids doing drugs.

There’s no time to try and make peace, as the ladies are off to Lake George; however Jackie may be MIA as the two of them can’t be in the same room. The ladies meet at Margaret’s house which is currently under construction (when is it not?!) however Jackie ends up being a no show. It’s probably for the best because analogy or not, Tre is seeing red after Jackie said something about her daughter. The ladies seem to be taking Jackie’s side; however know that Jackie is a fool to every talk about any one of Teresa’s daughters.

While on the van on the way to Lake George, Teresa continues to defend herself while admitting she thinks that Evan is the hottest husband of the group, which may lead him to cheat (I believe her exact words were ‘suave’.) There is no logic in this van and it’s clear that Tre has zero remorse for her actions. What I want to know is if this story line is 100% producer driven or if the streets were actually talking. I don’t think Tre would pull this rumor out of nowhere so either give more detail or please do not make this a story line for one more scene. There doesn’t seem to be any credibility to it, so if it is producer driven that would be a new low for the franchise.

Back in Jersey, Frank takes David out to a shooting range, because what could go wrong with an ex-husband, current boyfriend and guns? The two have a surprisingly sweet relationship as David helped nurse Frank back to health after an accident when Frank could barely walk. This Jersey love triangle could have a reality show of their own as they are the true definition of a ‘modern family.’ Frank has a man to man with David and basically pressures David to marry his ex wife. It seems that Frank has taken the role of Dolores’ father as he pressures David to make an honest woman out of Dolores. I think that if it hasn’t happened yet, it’s not going to, so maybe let’s have a story line to help find Dolores a new man. Would certainly be more fun than the one we are watching right now.

Also still in Jersey is Jackie who has turned into a barber, giving all her kids quarantine cuts. Jackie reveals that the rumor has brought a lot of tension in her marriage, as Evan was furious that the show has drug his name through the mud. I have to say that I’m conflicted in this situation. I do feel bad for Jackie; however she could have won if she left kids out of it. I think she had everyone on her side; however now that she spoke about Teresa’s kids, you know this isn’t going away anytime soon. There were thousands of analogies she could have made and to say she chose the wrong one is putting it mildly.

Meanwhile, at the lake house it’s all girl talk and cocktails as a single Teresa is missing the company of a man and is ready to meet someone. The ladies head out for a sunset dinner where Tre continues to discuss her…ahem…personal life and reveals that Juicy Joe is now selling adult toys. Thankfully the conversation abruptly moves to Melissa and Jennifer’s feud and Jennifer shockingly gives an adult and mature apology. Did a drinking Jennifer actually do something nice?!

Until next week my friends.

RHONJ airs Wednesday’s at 9 PM EST. on Bravo.

Thoughts on this season so far?

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