RHOC Reunion Recap – Part 1!

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It’s been an odd season friends, but we’ve finally made it to the OC Reunion. Let’s get the hard questions out of the way. Best dressed is Kelly and worst dressed goes to Shannon (in the words of Tamra, ‘that’s my opinion!’) Now that we got the serious issues out of the way, where do we begin?

Naturally we start out with the biggest storyline of the season: Gina’s small, depressing house. Shannon is sticking to her story that she had nothing but “nice” things to say about it; however Braunwyn continues to claim otherwise. It’s apparent Braunwyn wanted to hurt Gina as she was still upset that Gina thought Sean was hitting on her. Braunwyn won’t apologize for much but does apologize for making fun of Gina’s financial situation. Braunwyn hasn’t worked a day in her life so she has zero room to talk about anyone’s financial situation. She’s never had to make it on her own like Gina is right now. Kudos to Gina in her small house as she’s an official homeowner while the others are renters in ridiculously huge mega-mansions.

Speaking of new Bea-doors, we have Shannon who has had a year of new loves, adult children and a few a lot of drinks along the way. Shannon insists that she and John are happy despite a few Covid feuds and insists that the ladies should have no reason to be worried about their relationship. Gina thinks there is more to Shannon than she lets on, and I have to say, there’s smoke so there’s probably fire. Shannon defends her man against the heavy drinking allegations; however the tables are turned on her as Braunwyn reveals that she thinks Shannon has a drinking problem as well. Shannon insists that she’s is just ‘fun’ however the ladies seem to agree that alcohol changes Shannon and seems to bring problems for her. In a makeup touchup ‘behind the scenes’ moment, Shannon reveals to John that due to Braunwyn accusing both of them of being alcoholics she is going to bring up that ‘Stella incident’ (which lets face it – is the real reason that we are all watching.)

A recap of 2020 is shown (which in a nutshell – it’s all surrounds the Covid virus.) Kelly’s insensitivity and mockery of the pandemic is brought up (which is ironic is she is the only one that is coughing at the reunion.) To sum it up: Kelly is still skeptical as to why we are wearing masks and why the entire country had to shut down. Side note: I think Kelly is probably the only person who would eat a NYC hotdog from a cart at the beginning of Covid. Kelly comes off completely unapologetic and it’s shocking to watch after everything everyone has been through this last year. Despite saying that she has regrets, she doesn’t seem to be genuine in her apology and ends up trying to turn the tables on to Andy.

Kelly gets a break for a bit as it’s Elizabeth’s turn in the hot seat, and to sum it up: it’s confusing. Elizabeth admits that her relationship with Jimmy is on the rocks due to the publicity of the show as he had no idea what he was signing up for. Braunwyn sees a weakness in Elizabeth and jumps in to let her know that she speaks to her ex-husband and his story of their relationship was different than what Elizabeh is saying. Yikes – Detective Braunwyn is at it again. If she’s not on Zillow looking at your home value she’s talking to your ex to get the dirt (and tell you about his recent engagement.) Needless to say, this doesn’t sit well with Elizabeth or the other ladies who go in hard on Braunwyn.

It turns into a smooth transition to focus on Braunwyn and her rollercoaster of a season. We see Braunwyn not only admit to being an alcoholic, but come out as a lesbian who still wants to stay married to her husband. Dare I say that she is more confusing than Elizabeth? One thing is clear, Braunwyn needed to get sober although the other ladies doubt that she was ever an alcoholic. I do think that Braunwyn has an alcohol problem (I also think a lot of other housewives do as well) so does Kelly know something that we don’t? Kelly thinks that Braunwyn is using alcoholism as a storyline to stay relevant and I really can’t fathom anyone (even Braunwyn) doing this, so if Kelly is going to say that – I want receipts.

Finally – we get to what we all have been waiting for: What did Braunwyn say to Stella? Of course it’s a cliffhanger but we do know that she told Stella to text her when she was 14 if she wanted “the good stuff.” Now what exactly is the good stuff? We can speculate until next week, but it’s not anything good as Braunwyn cries off camera, in disbelief that she could do something like that to a child.

RHOC reunion part two airs next Wednesday on Bravo.

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