RHOC Recap: The Great OC Escape!

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How is quarantine going OC fans? We may be in different boats, but we are all navigating the same storm – even our OC housewives. So how are these ‘wives coping? In the words of Dorinda Medley “not well b*tch.”

The ladies can’t stand staying cooped up in their huge mansions with every amenity possible, so are planning a trip to Lake Arrowhead for a getaway. Braunwyn has warned her sponsor that she will be away with ladies who love liquor while Emily has to stay back due to being ill. Shannon is aching/feeling ill so bides farewell to Braunwyn via a glass door; however I’m surprised Braunwyn came over considering that Shannon’s three daughter’s have tested positive. Despite testing negative, Shannon is understandably not going to Lake Arrowhead as her being there would most likely scare the ladies more than the Camp Crystal Lake vibes it has going on.

The horror vibes continue as Braunwyn is called out on her hypocrisy for sunning at the pool vs. quarantining, while Elizabeth is understandably upset that she has been digging into her finances. I have a feeling this trip will be the beginning of the end for Braunwyn vs. the rest of the ladies. Braunwyn is definitely in the hot seat, including Kelly criticizing her for bringing a professional photog to a BLM march and being accused of being an Instagram poser. Braunwyn tries to to connect with Gina by dishing on her crumbling marriage which is clearly coming to an end. Braunwyn admits that Sean drives her crazy and it seems that everything he does ends up annoying her. Ladies and gentlemen – don’t renew your vows on TV. No good ever comes from it.

Back in the OC, Shannon and Emily are tending to their ill families; however fortunately Emily’s patient maintains his good humor. Despite Emily testing positive herself, she manages to take care of her three children, a sick husband…and a cat. Can I just say that I don’t think Emily is getting enough credit this episode? Case in point: While Emily gets better, Shane gets worse to the point that it’s pretty scary and she ends up having to take him to the ER after he coughs up blood. Shane’s oxygen levels are low and he is admitted to the hospital while Emily lives in fear that her husband may die alone. Can Kelly and Elizabeth (who both made light of this pandemic) please pay attention to this scene? This is the reality for hundreds of thousands of people and it’s both heartbreaking and terrifying.

Over at Lake Arrowhead, we are having a political debate and the range of topics is pretty wide. Braunwyn and Kelly randomly get into a major political debates that touches on everything from BLM, Confederate Statues and Communism. While the ladies try to explain to Kelly what her privilege is, Kelly seems to be stuck in her own world and needs to learn when to keep her mouth shut (which is something I’ve been saying for years.) These ladies are all insanely privileged so it’s hard to hear them talk on the subject – but they are making strides in coming to realize just how privileged they are with Gina giving a spot on example about her getting arrested.

We end this episode on a sad and worrisome note as Emily is unable to get a clear update on Shane which would be terrifying for any wife. Shane ends up texting Emily that he feels like he fighting for his life which is heartbreaking to hear, especially knowing how many families are going through this exact same scenario right now.

Please stay safe – until next week.

RHOC airs Wednesday on Bravo.

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