RHONY Recap: Love Him and Leave Them

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Since RHOBH is on hiatus thank goodness we have a New NY (at least for this week) to get us through!

It’s Halloween in the Big Apple and nothing is scarier than Lu auditioning acts for her variety show. Sonja-rita is part of the show and it is turning into a charity show as she is constantly working for Lu for free. We all know Lu charges a pretty penny for her cabaret tickets so why the hell isn’t Sonja getting an appearance fee?! Is all of Luann’s profit going towards Jovani?

Over at Tinsley’s, she is hanging out with Strawberry and Shortcake; however her heart is in Chicago, and by that, I mean at Scott’s gorgeous apartment in Chicago. Leah invites her to a Halloween party and while I’m sure the haunted house is frightening; nothing can be scarier than Dorinda chasing Tinsley around demanding to know what she did last weekend. It’s pretty clear that Tinsley and Scott are heading towards a reconciliation and while none of this is surprising what I don’t understand is why Dorinda thinks she is the third wheel in this relationship.

The haunted house is upon us and I could pretty much watch footage of the ‘wives being scared by these ghouls on the street for an entire episode. Personally I hate haunted houses but only because that’s because my reaction is similar to Ramona’s and I completely freak out. Fortunately there is light at the end of the tunnel and by that, I mean there is tequila. Despite the drinks flowing, the conversation keeps going back to Tinsley and Scott (and for the record they are officially back on.) Despite Tinsley being ecstatic about this, Dorinda and her crew somehow take it personally that they weren’t called the second it happened. The hits keep coming as Dorinda shames Tinsley for not having children and makes a very rude turkey baster joke. Out of all the girls, at minimum Luann should have defended her as she has no room to be judgmental about relationships. Come to think of them – none of them have any room to be judgmental when it comes to men.

On a positive note, Ramona is in her element by party planning with a mysterious ‘Boat man’ in Long Island. Unfortunately Dorinda breaks the cardinal rule of party planning and suggests a joint birthday party with Sonja (and we all know how much Ramona likes to share the spotlight.) Ramona is planning a ‘coming out’ party which makes absolutely zero sense; however apparently her sixty girlfriends are game to pretend this is a warped debutante type ball for Ramona Singer.

Back in the city, Ramona and Luann meet Tinsley out for drinks to make nice. While Ramona’s intentions are good, she double booked as you know Ramona can’t go 24 hours without a date. Tins breaks the news that when she means she is moving she isn’t messing around as she is leaving in days not weeks. Not only that but Scott has built a glam room and closet, hoping that if he builds it she will come. Looks like it worked!

Friendly reminder that the next few weeks no new episodes of NY or BH; however continue to come back to AllAboutTRH to keep in the loop on your favorite reality gossip!

RHONY airs Thursday’s on Bravo.

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