RHONY: If you Can’t take the Heat, Get out of the Russian Bath House

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Hello New York fans! While were currently in Covid quarantine it’s only appropriate that we start out with these ladies all sick while eating alfresco. Did anyone else see the irony in this scene?!

The ladies recap their orchard trip while working out, trying to sweat out that sin. The ladies admit that Sonja’s drinking is worry-some and frankly embarrassing while in public, and shockingly Sonja agrees. Perhaps peeing in the cornfield then puking in the bus was her new low point? The ladies break into teams and it’s either ‘Team Tinsley is an immature baby’ or ‘Team Dorinda is never held accountable.’ Surely a spa trip will resolve all of these issues, right?

Dorinda continues with her obsession with Tinsley by bringing up Tinsley in her therapy session. Dorinda – you are paying good money for this time, focus on yourself girl! Dorinda does seem to have a breakthrough (finally) as the real root of her pain is realizing that John isn’t the right man for her and, the man who was right for her, is no longer with her. It’s this real Dorinda that makes me love her, as when she’s honest with herself (and not a mean girl with a martini) she is a caring and loving person. Dorinda’s pain is visible and I don’t think anyone is shocked that there is a deeper cause to her outbursts. By focusing on herself and not obsessing over others, I think we will find a happier and healthier Dorinda.

Speaking of happy and healthy, Leah invites the ladies to a Russian bath spa and I feel Leah could be my friend as I’d rather do this over an UES spa any day. The place has a lot of character (and flavored vodka) so I’m sure the ladies will get over the fact that it’s not a five star luxury spa. Despite the rustic/prison like vibes, the ladies seem to be having a good time (beat down at all.) Anytime half naked men are involved the ladies are down so Leah clearly knew what she was doing when planning this.

Over at Ramona’s, she is hosting a girl’s night which is definitely her in her element. Dorinda and Sonja stop by and classic Sonja brings a gift wrapped in an insult (who announces size ‘large’ in a crowded room? That’s like saying ‘fire’ in a crowd – you just don’t do it!) The hits keep coming as Ramona the hostess takes hits as Dorinda takes this time to reprimand Ramona for her behavior at the spa. In the words of Dorinda: “If you can’t behave yourself – then you’ll all go home!”

RHONY airs Thursdays on Bravo.

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