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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice Opens Up About Joe Giudice And Responds To Her Brother & Sister-In-Law Talking Poorly About Him Plus More!

This past Thursday AllAboutTRH got to catch up with Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice at an event she was hosting in Detroit. Teresa was in great spirits and we sat down exclusively to ask some burning questions that viewers have been dying to know. We started off by diving into Teresa’s thoughts about her brother and sister-in-law speaking poorly of Joe Giudice to blogs where Joe Gorga calls Joe Giudice toxic and Melissa says she never thought he was the greatest. They also say they had to unfollow him on Instagram because they think he’s crazy. Teresa doesn’t hold back and tells us how she really feels about everything that’s been going on this past year.

AllAboutTRH: So we know you want to keep things civil between you and Joe Giudice. What do you think about your brother and sister-in-law going to blogs speaking so poorly of him?
Teresa Giudice: I don’t like it and I told them no more. I mean, listen, my brother is upset. And my brother has kept his mouth shut for a long time but now I told both of them [Melissa & Joe Gorga] to quit it. I do not want them to say one more thing about Joe Giudice. Going into the next season – if they say boo about him – I am going to explode. They know not to talk about him anymore. And my kids don’t want to hear it.

AllAboutTRH: Rumors are out there that Caroline Manzo is open to returning to RHONJ and feels ready to handle any drama with you. What are your thoughts on her coming back?
Teresa Giudice: I really don’t care. Whatever Bravo wants!

AllAboutTRH: And what about Dina Manzo? Any chance you can ever get her to come back?
Teresa Giudice: She lives in California now. I talk to Dina all the time and I would love for her to come back. I love Dina.

AllAboutTRH: Who do you want to see come back next season?
Teresa Giudice: Everyone from this season.

AllAboutTRH: What were your thoughts on the drama that happened with Jennifer and Melissa on part one of the reunion?
Teresa Giudice: I wasn’t trying to laugh but Jennifer makes me laugh. I wasn’t laughing at Melissa – that’s my sister-in-law but everyone knows Jennifer makes me laugh. She’s a comedian – she’s so funny. I just wanted to keep my composure and not laugh [at what was happening] because that’s my sister-in-law but Jennifer does make me laugh. And Melissa is a big girl – she could fight her own battles. I don’t need to stick up for her.

AllAboutTRH: So how are things between you and Melissa? Are you two close?
Teresa Giudice: know – we’re sister-in-laws. We’re family. I don’t want to go back to that toxic place. To me what happened with my family was toxic. My husband was not toxic to me because if he was toxic – I would have never stayed with him. My husband did say stupid sh*t which he admits now.

AllAboutTRH: It seems like Joe Giudice is doing much better now and we’re seeing a different side of him via his Instagram page.
Teresa Giudice: Yes. He is. The thing is Joe never wanted to film and I used to make him film and I shouldn’t have. When I made him film he would be an asshole. He really was. And he watched it back [previous seasons] when he went away and he admits, ‘Wow, I really was an asshole.’ Listen – I think for those people who see my personality and see who I really am they know I would not stay with a man I knew cheated on me. I never knew he was cheating on me. I heard things but I never had proof. When you have kids – unless you have proof – you are not going to just break up a marriage. If I had proof – it would be buh-bye! I would have left. I don’t take nobody’s sh*t and I would not take that!

Teresa made sure to let us know she and Joe Giudice are on good terms and that she wishes him well. She acknowledged her children adored him and that’s what mattered to her most. We both spoke about all that she’s been through the last 10 years admitting we would never think this is how things would go down for her but in true Teresa fashion – she notes that she remains focused, strong, and ready to move forward with her life and see where the next chapter takes her!

Part 2 of the three-part RHONJ season 10 reunion airs on Wednesday, March 11 at 8/7c.

Thoughts on what Teresa had to say?

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