Let’s Discuss: Vicki Gunvalson’s Epic Meltdown During the RHOC Reunion!

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And that’s a wrap OC fans! If you need a refresher of Part 2 in case you missed it click here for the recap.

Let me start by saying wow…just wow. I don’t have words for Vicki’s behavior but we’ll get to that in a bit. Let’s start out with the definition of an ‘odd couple’ Shane and Emily Simpson.

Andy throws Shane a softball question by asking him what he loves about his wife. Either Emily trained him well on what to say or he’s not 100% an asshole like we all thought as he lists out some lovely qualities about Emily. Shannon chimes in saying she is confused as to why Emily never mentioned this side of Shane which made the other ladies question on whether Emily likes to be the victim in her marriage. I hate to say it but they have a valid point. As much as I don’t like Shane I’m wondering if Emily is making her marriage seem worse than it is so she can get out of it and look like the victim:

Next up is Vicki Gunvalson who has turned out to be the biggest hypocrite in Bravo history. Vicki is livid that “her show” has gone down the drain and lacks morals with the addition of Braunwyn (aka Brown-wind.) Not that Braunwyn doesn’t weird me out, but Vicki is the last person who should be judging anyone else on that couch. This is the woman who showed the world her boobs, has been drunk on camera more times than I can count and oh yes, was involved with a man who faked cancer. I could go on but you get the picture. So why is Braunwyn the straw that broke the morality camel’s back? Because she and her husband invite others in their bedroom. Apparently two consenting adults that have been married for years with seven children have less morals than being involved with someone who lies about cancer. The cherry on top of this is that Andy grows visibly upset with Vicki and calls her out on a lie which makes an angry Vicki go into rage mode:

When Vicki’s time is up things get even worse as she storms off stage without giving Emily a hug who is hobbling behind her like a toddler trying to keep up with her mother. Vicki tries to remain cool while onset but then goes off as soon as she is behind the scenes and is unaware that she is still being filmed. This is when we see Queen Victoria’s true colors as she treats the staff and production horribly – so bad that I’m wondering if the treatment alone is enough to get her fired. Vicki then has a temper tantrum in her room about how bad the show is (as if it wasn’t trash TV before) and then goes ballistic once she realizes she is still being filmed. This all coming from a lady who said she would like to leave the show with dignity and grace:

Clearly I have my opinion but let’s hear from you! Take the poll below and let us know if you think Vicki should come back or not then tell us what you thought of the reunion in the comments section.


What did you think of Part 3 of the reunion? Thoughts on the season overall?

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