RHONJ Recap: Cut from a Different Cloth

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What’s up Jersey fans? While it’s getting cold where I am – things are heating up for the Jersey ladies as the drama is continuing in Jamaica!

We start out this episode with the ladies enjoying paradise and calling their men minus Dolores who calls her ex-husband (as the two have a better relationship than her and her current boyfriend.) The drama for the most part has died down other than Dolores and Jackie who still aren’t seeing eye to eye. Jennifer is in the middle as she is the pot stirrer who let the cat out of the bag that Dolores doesn’t consider Jackie is a friend (was that a secret?) In addition to Jackie/Dolores we have Marge and Tre who have a feud brewing due to Margaret’s comments on Teresa’s alleged younger man.

While the ladies eat breakfast Melissa goes to gossip with Margaret and Jackie. Melissa now takes her turn at stirring the pot as she reveals that Dolores thinks Jackie doesn’t fit in with the other girls and was raised another way (which one again, was this a secret? Jackie seems to be shocked at things that are obvious to everyone else.)

Jackie, Marge and Jen take a break from the drama to go horse riding while the Jersey men play poker. While the beach is beautiful and the horses are beauties the experience is excruciating as there is a lot of horse caca everywhere. No gracias. Melissa, Dolores and Tre have the better idea as they decide to have cocktails on the beach and work on their tans – my kind of girls! While the drinks are flowing the conversation turns serious as Tre reveals how devastated she is that Joe is most likely getting deported and how much it has affected her daughters. Melissa doesn’t think that Tre and Joe will end up together but does think there will be a rainbow at the end for Teresa which moves Tre to tears as she hasn’t been happy in years. Stay strong Tre!

After the sh*t show that was the horse swim, Marge, Jen and Jackie stop for drinks and get real by discussing their issues. Margaret brings up a blast from the past by discussing the Vineyard Vine lawsuit (where’s Siggy when you need her?) Margaret reveals that the lawsuit brought up a lot of stress and nearly ruined her financially so in a lot of ways can relate to Teresa supporting the family and being the strong one.

Back in Jersey, Bill is hosting poker night at his mega mansion and the conversation turns to…what else….sex. We all know that Joey Gorga has issues with his poison but Bill reveals that he and Jennifer are more modest with their once a month schedule (they have five kids – give them a break!) Things aren’t going as easy in Jamaica as we have the birthday dinner which never ends well in the housewives series. Things go down south quickly as Tre almost immediately brings up Margaret’s barely legal comments after discovering a very ironic and well placed sign at the bar. Marge immediately apologies and while I’m not her biggest fan I don’t think it was malicious when she said it.

When one fire is out, another emerges as Dolores confronts Jackie about her comments from the previous night. Dolores stands her ground that Jackie is cut from a different cloth and goes further to say that she doesn’t want to be her friend. Jackie agrees that the two aren’t friends but states she isn’t losing any sleep over it. Not all personalities mix so if these two aren’t friends it’s not the end of the world but the two decide to make the entire dinner about it (didn’t I call that this dinner was going to go poorly?) My two cents is that Jackie would fit in better with the ladies of the OC as I do agree with Dolores that she doesn’t seem like a great fit with the Jersey ladies.

The ladies head back to their rooms with Marge going with Jackie and the other ladies go back for rum. Shockingly Jennifer was sympathetic towards Jackie as is Melissa; however Dolores is standing her ground that Jackie is just plain annoying.

Until next week my Jersey fans! Tell us what you think:

Thoughts on this episode? Are you team Dolores or Team Jackie?

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