RHOC Recap: Big O’s and Broken Toes

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Hello OC fans! We’re finally done with the mess at Miraval and are back where these crazy Orange County ladies belong.

We start out where we left out: fractured friendships that are hanging out by a thread.

Kelly is back in Arizona trying to repair the relationship with her family. If drug and train rumors weren’t enough she also has issues with her own family so it’s probably best to work on this relationship as the one with Vicki is pretty much done despite their tearful apologies. We learn that the Kelly we see now is the Kelly she has always been as she reminisces about her wild high school days and it’s pretty much what you would expect from a young Kelly Dodd.

Back in the OC Gina has a blind date thanks to her good friend Emily that is setting her up with….wait for it… Shane’s cousin. Why anyone would want to date a relative of Shane’s is beyond me but Gina seems into it which once again makes me question her taste in men. Unfortunately for Gina her mystery man is nursing a broken toe and can’t make it. Nothing says sexy and desirable more than a man who is nursing a hurt toe so I’m going to go out on a limb and say Gina is being set up with a dud, but with the lack of options in the OC it seems she will take what she can get as apparently this wasn’t a deal-breaker.

Over at Braunwyn’s, her large family is taking some serious and intense family portraits which is the perfect segue-way to discuss threesomes with Sean. Braunwyn let Sean know she let their sexy little secret out of the bag and Sean isn’t phased by it which makes me think it’s not much of a secret and pretty well known in their circle. Braunwyn and Sean think Tamra is pretty and seem to hint at something; however, the real shock is Braunwyn claims Tamra and Eddie are into the same thing and encourages Sean to talk to Eddie about it – awkward!

So it’s the moment no one Bravo has been waiting for. Steve reveals to Tamra that he is about to propose to Vicki and even has the ring. What’s odder is that Vicki runs away so that he can tell Tamra and I have to ask: Is it just me or does no one (Steve, Tamra or Vicki) seem too excited about it? The impression that I get is that the proposal is more for the camera and the fans than actually for Steve in Vicki. I may be wrong – just the vibe I’m picking up from this bizarre scene.

Speaking of not being too excited, Emily has to go discuss the sins of her diet with Eddie and Tamra as she is looking for advice on how to lose weight. Emily panics at getting on the scale (what girl would want to on national television) but luckily Eddie is a professional. Side note: I did this at the gym when I was seeing a trainer and this scale does not lie and the results can be brutal. I feel ya, Emily! Emily gets emotional about her current weight and the percentage that is body fat vs. muscle and I do think she has a lot of stress in her personal life which has resulted in this.

Over in Scottsdale, Kelly is trying to repair the relationship with her family by reaching out to her eldest brother JR. JR seems to be the most stable and sensible person of the Meza family so it makes sense that he is playing the middle man between Kelly and the rest of the family. The family rift has been going on for two years which is heartbreaking as they aren’t speaking and it has trickled down to Kelly’s daughter Jolie. For the sake of Jolie who has gone through a lot these past few years I truly hope they can repair this feud.

Back in the OC, Emily experiences a blast from housewives past as a newly single Alexis Bellino joins Em for a lunch date. Apparently Alexis and Jim are no longer soulmates (as they claimed to be while on the show) as the two have divorced and Alexis is in a new relationship. Alexis just got back from a vacation with her new boyfriend and claims that their love is something that is only found in fairy tales. I don’t know about that but it has to be better than her marriage to Jim which was painful to watch as we are treated to some cringe-worthy flashbacks.

While Alexis dines with Emily, Gina is meeting Tamra for shopping in preparation for Shannon’s party. Gina is upset with Emily due to the mystery man with the hurt toe (once again – how high were her hopes knowing he had a connection to Shane) however has since found out that he has a girlfriend. How did this little yet very important detail escape Emily’s mind? Sorry, Em – team Gina on this one! I don’t know what’s worse, getting set up with Shane’s cousin or finding out it’s a pity date with Shane’s cousin.

Well, that’s it for this week but stay tuned as the previews prove that the worst best is yet to come!

Thoughts on this episode? What do you think of the mid-season preview?

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