RHOD Recap: Donde Esta Margarita?

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Bienvenidos a Mexico Dallas fans! We’re going south of the border this episode and are traveling to Kary’s house in Mexico – estan listos??

We begin this episode with a tour of the Hollman family business and I’ll say it’s pretty damn impressive. It’s no wonder why Travis is so successful as he seems organized, motivated and most importantly – he shows up to the office. What’s not impressive? D’Andra canceling an 8 AM meeting at 1 AM due to a hair emergency which is extremely unprofessional. Is there any wonder as to why her company is going under if she is canceling meetings that were made to salvage her business due to a hair dye fiasco? Sorry – team Travis on this one!

Across town, LeeAnne is taking care of her own business by wedding dress shopping; however, her budget is a little low for the Dallas fashion market. LeeAnne describes her dream gown to the designer; however, things turn super awkward when she pretty much states she can’t afford it. Apparently LeeAnne is known as St. LeeAnne in the Dallas social scene as everyone is just throwing free stuff at her wherever she goes. Maybe I should have brought LeeAnne with me when I was planning my wedding?

Over at Stephanie’s things are a bit more serious as Stephanie has been seeing a therapist to focus on her mental health. Stephanie may be rich, beautiful and has a husband that adores her but depression and anxiety affect everyone so kudos for Stephanie for speaking out on it. I applaud Stephanie for taking care of her mental health and for being vocal about her problems as it’s a very vulnerable and humbling thing to do.

Speaking of humbling, D’Andra is getting ready to call Travis and she seems like a little girl that just got in trouble with her father as she is beyond nervous. After listening to Travis’ voicemail I would be nervous too if I were in her shoes. D’Andra is basically in tears waiting to hear how Travis will respond but either Travis decided to be forgiving or Stephanie was threatening him in the background – either way the two plan on rescheduling.

Enough of business – we’re ready for some fun in the sun as we are heading down to Mexico! We’re not messing around as champagne is poured into red solos as soon as they land on the ground. The only catch is that along with that champagne comes the dreaded random roommate debacle. Everyone seems fine with their respected roommate minus Brandi who gets stuck with D’Andra who is apparently the roommate from hell. Good luck with that Brandi!

Onward to the beautiful Mexican mansion but to get there they have to spend 2 hours in the car and stop at one very disgusting bathroom. I think I would rather go outside vs. use that toilet #nogracias. Fortunately for the ladies the house is stunning so it’s well worth the drive (but not worth worth that bathroom.) Kary is very hospitable and seems to be a gracious hostess but LeeAnne seems miserable and is a very rude guest. LeeAnne is a Debbie Downer and I don’t blame Kary for getting annoyed with her. Either have fun or go home – In the words of Erika Girardi “Stop ruining my vacation!”

If LeeAnne doesn’t want to stay I’ll accept an invite, Kary! The views, food, and drinks look amazing and the girl talk is even better. We find out that D’Andra dated Kary’s brother in law and I think she is kicking herself as she had no idea his family had such a beautiful vacation home. The talk turns from boys to money as both Kary and Kameron bond over the fact that they started their own businesses as they were tired of getting an allowance from their husbands. I respect that as I’m sure being married to a rich man that makes all the financial decisions isn’t as fun as one may think. During the dinner convo, Brandi mysteriously disappears without saying a word and it’s either the wine or the international water that is making her feeling sick but girl is out cold.

Fortunately for Brandi, she missed out on the super dark conversation regarding alcoholism, suicide, and sexual assault. It getting dark very quickly and I’m not just talking about the night sky.

Thoughts on this episode? Thoughts on LeeAnne’s behavior at the vacation home?

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