Karen Huger Reacts To Michael Darby’s Groping Allegations And How His Wife Ashley Darby Handled It, Plus She Provides An Update On Her Friendship With Gizelle Bryant!

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The Real Housewives of Potomac are really bringing it this season! Karen Huger dropped by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to discuss everything happening this season. On Sunday night’s episode it was revealed that Ashley Darby’s husband, Michael Darby, was in the news after being charged with sexual assault for groping allegations. It was alleged that he grabbed a cameraman’s butt while they filmed a party on the RHOP. Karen discussed all of that, as well as the current status of her friendship with co-star, Gizelle Bryant. The whole situation with Ashley and Michael on the RHOP was shocking. Karen said, “It was a mess. Everybody was talking about it, and it was well-known.” Ashley stood by her husband and said, “I 100 percent supported my husband. Unlike where Karen was demanding that [her husband] Ray [Huger] apologize to her when his tax stuff came out and totally threw him under the bus, I was really there for my husband, and I supported him and I wanted him to know that I had his back no matter what. And that reaffirmed, I think, to him how much I care about him, how much I love him, and how much I’m always gonna be there for him.” Gizelle said on a WWHL After Show that “it was confusing” for her and the other castmates to see Ashley speak nonchalantly about the allegations. Ashley had explained, “This issue was very significant, and I needed to talk to my husband about it first. I’m not going to say or do anything to anybody else without first talking to Michael about it, because in reality this really is him, it’s his reputation, and I want to take heed and really respect every decision that he wants me to make. If this were about me, maybe my reaction would have been different, but out of respect for Michael, it just wasn’t the appropriate time to say anything to Gizelle.” Karen showed support for Ashley on WWHL. Karen explained, “Because she wants to put up a front, as any wife should, you want to believe your husband is innocent until proven guilty, and so she did the right thing on that one. I think she did the right thing because she’s in a vulnerable position.” She acknowledged that it wasn’t Ashley involved with this, it was Michael’s alleged actions. Karen stated, “You know, first of all, it’s not Ashley that’s doing all this; this is Michael, allegedly Michael, that’s doing all of this. So because of his past history, though, I simply believed it. I think it’s possible.” The charges against Michael have since been dropped. “He’s cleared, and I hope he learned his lesson,” Karen said. As for the friendship that Karen and Gizelle have – they are working on it. When asked about why she was so secretive about her upcoming business deals, Karen defended her decision. Karen said, “You know what, honestly, any person – not just women, who you know, who are creating a business – don’t discuss the details. Even with the dearest friends, until it’s a done deal. So that was my thing, that was how I chose to do it – and that’s how Gizelle herself did it. We didn’t see anything in advance from Gizelle, but when there was an end product we saw it. Why Gizelle would ask something of me that shouldn’t be asked – I don’t know.” How are they today? Karen answered, “How we are today? Gizelle is an old, old, old friend. With you know a lot of old, old, old ways of stirring up the pot. That is not for me. But it’s like a woman with a split personality. She’s good and she’s bad. I never know what I’m gonna get with Gizelle, but you know what, I like her and I accept both of her.” I’m loving the RHOP this season! So happy that they’re on right now. I think this franchise is underrated. They always bring it every season and entertain! Stay tuned for more, loves.

Thoughts on what Karen had to say? Thoughts on the allegations against Michael and how his wife Ashley handled it? Thoughts on the charges being dropped? Thoughts on Karen and Gizelle’s friendship? Thoughts on this season? Sound off below!

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Michael Darby, Ashley Darby’s husband, was charged with sexual assault for groping allegations. It was alleged that he grabbed a cameraman’s butt while they filmed a party on the RHOP.

Ashley Darby stood by her husband and supported him throughout the allegations. She made it clear that she had his back and would always be there for him, regardless of the situation.

Karen and Gizelle are working on their friendship. While they have had their ups and downs, Karen acknowledges that Gizelle is an old friend with both good and bad sides. She accepts both aspects of Gizelle and likes her despite the unpredictability.

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