RHOBH Recap: The Show Must Go On

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What day is it? It’s hump day Beverly Hills fans! So what do we have going on this week? Camille in a beautiful wedding dress, LVP in a beautiful kitchen and one ugly Beaverly Hills feud.

We’re still getting off the Troop Beverly Hills high and no one had a better trip than Dorit Kemsley who discovered her wild side. Unfortunately for Dorit, PK isn’t exactly Mr. Manly so Dorit’s wilderness side is something that will have to stay hidden. Also feeling the effects of the camping trip? Kyle, LVP and Teddi who are working out nonstop to burn off the calories they consumed on the trip. Aside from the calories, Teddi is trying to work out the kinks between her and Camille as Teddi is still hurt that Camille thinks she is a ‘know it all.’ Judging from what we’ve seen I don’t think Camille is going to be apologizing and I also don’t think Teddi is going to stop sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.

Across town, Denise (aka the only sane one of this bunch) is getting ready to go to Miami for a TV show that she’s filming. I think it’s safe to say that Aaron is the most supportive husband in Beverly Hills as he not only deals with his wives TMI comments, has taken on her baggage (including dealing with Charlie Sheen) but he’s also ready to play Mr. Mom while she’s away. He’s a keeper Denise! The two of them are getting ready for Denise’s daughter’s first big dance and it’s safe to say the girls in Beverly Hills grow up very differently than the rest of us. Beverly Hills teens get full on glam squads for dances while the rest of us are YouTubing makeup tutorials for a night out. Luckily, Denise’s girls seem very sweet and well adjusted. Denise ends up breaking down as she isn’t going to be there to see Sam’s first big dance and I think any working mom can feel the family life/work life struggle.

Doing a complete 180, we go to Erika Jayne who is rehearsing for her sold-out L.A. show. Her assistant Mikey is yelling out direction such as “big d**k energy” and “orgasm” whike Erika struts the stage in next to nothing. All in all – it looks like your average ‘Pretty Mess’ show. In a surprise cameo, Mr. Girardi makes a rare appearance, and to be honest, at times I almost forget that Erika is married as we barely see them together. Erika admits that Tom’s presence adds a layer of stress as without Tom’s funds, there’s no show so he likes to see where the money is going. The two have a unique relationship but it seems to work for them as their relationship has lasted longer than 80% of Hollywood marriages.

The ladies are out in Hollywood to support Erika Jayne at her show looking spectacular; however no one looks better than Rinna who wore extensions that I think should be her new go-to look. I was never a fan of that shag (no matter how iconic it is) and am seriously feeling this pony tail vibe. Also looking sexy is Erika who takes the stage with confidence and sex appeal; however unfortunately we run into some technical difficulties as the sound cuts midway through the show. To say that Erika is pissed would be an understatement as not only is it a complete disaster, but to have it happen in her sold out L.A. show with friends and husband in the audience adds a whole other layer of WTF. Luckily Erika is a pro and the show goes on and the issue is resolved. At least she didn’t do a weird jig a la Ashley Simpson on SNL – it could have been worse!

After the show is the after party and luckily the girls were ready to party! We get Kyle straddling her hubby Mauricio, Teddi sharing that she and her husband like to do it to Miley Cyrus and Edwin trying to audition to be a ‘Pretty Mess’ dancer. The only one who seemed to be behaving himself is Mr. Tom Girardi who doesn’t ever seem to let loose and is always dressed like he means business. All in all, I think the show was a massive success and in such a dark season it was nice to have a fun scene.

Over at Villa Rosa, things are still diamonds and rose; however not exactly ‘rock and roll’ as let’s just say the ‘Pretty Mess’ doesn’t really seem to be LVP’s scene. Camille stops by LVP’s to keep the peace, not exactly out of loyalty but because it’s wedding season and the bride doesn’t need any extra stress in her life. I like Camille but I also understand what Teddi means when she says that Camille has a hard time saying the same thing to someone’s face as she does behind their back. Case in point? Camille tends to agree with the other ladies about LVP; however when she’s with LVP will say that those same girls can be brutal. Perhaps Camille is just a people pleaser as the real point of her visit is to try and convince LVP to attend her wedding despite her issues with the other ladies. Despite the plea, Camille isn’t successful in getting LVP to attend the wedding and I’m honestly shocked that LVP can’t even be in the same room as the other ladies. I’m not loving this divide, but after seeing this scene I think it’s official LVP and the other ladies are officially done and that it’s the end of an era. So what’s next? A freaking lie detector test and personally I can’t wait for it.

Until next week my loves!

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