Bethenny Frankel Doesn’t Think Kyle Richards And Lisa Vanderpump’s Friendship Is Over, Plus Did Lisa Rinna Go To Bethenny For Advice On Taking Down LVP?!

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Bethenny Frankel, star of The Real Housewives of New York, recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. During her appearance on WWHL, Bethenny opened up about the drama on the RHONY and the RHOBH. Bethenny has a lot of ties to castmates on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Bethenny has been friends with Kyle Richards for decades, and she’s also friends with Lisa Rinna and has known her for years. Bethenny opened up about what she thinks about the big fight between Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump, as well as what part Lisa Rinna has in it all.

For starters, Bethenny does not think that the friendship is over for good between Kyle and LVP. Bethenny said, “Based on the way that Kyle’s talking, I don’t think it will be over – over. But as I said to Lisa by text, I don’t know all the back story because it’s intense and there is a lot of back story. If you’re gonna take a shot at that V you better not miss.” Andy clarified that Bethenny means she was talking to Lisa Rinna, not Lisa Vanderpump. Bethenny was texting with Lisa R about the situation with Lisa V.

Bethenny clarified she was talking with Rinna about Vanderpump. Bethenny said, “I said to Lisa Rinna, you gotta land it. If they’re trying to put her in the ground, there’s one finger moving you better make sure she’s dead – and she ain’t.” It’s normal for Bethenny to text and talk to the RHOBH cast. Bethenny then explained that she’s known Lisa R and Kyle for years. Bethenny said, “I don’t know all of the back story, but I know they’ve had an issue. I thought the dog thing went on too long.” Bethenny also felt that Teddi Mellencamp shouldn’t have said the stuff about, ‘Who gave the order.’ She joked, “What are you a Castellano?”

Many people feel that Lisa R was asking Bethenny for advice on how to take down LVP this season. LVP stopped filming with the cast about halfway through the season. The puppy gate situation escalated and LVP is adamant that she did not leak any stories about puppy gate and Dorit Kemsley to the press. Kyle told LVP that the ladies didn’t believe her, which led to their friendship fallout. Lisa V was hurt that Kyle didn’t believe her, even when she swore on her children’s lives. This big fight led to LVP’s husband, Ken Todd, kicking Kyle out of their home. This has led to the big ‘Goodbye Kyle’ situation on social media. Both LVP and Kyle have explained that they are hurt, but that they still miss the friendship.

I agree with Bethenny, I don’t think the friendship is over for good! I think that Kyle and LVP always make amends. There is something about their friendship that keeps them coming back together. They have ups and downs, but they always kiss and make up. They have a lot of fun together and I really like these two as friends. It was sad to watch their fight this season the RHOBH. I think they’re both hurt, rightfully so. I do think they will repair their friendship. I don’t think Bethenny realized she was dropping information about Lisa R on WWHL. She’s friends with them all so she didn’t think about how it was coming across. However; now the internet is convinced that Lisa R was asking Bethenny for advice on taking down LVP. There is never a dull moment with the Real Housewives!

Thoughts on this all? Do you think Kyle and LVP will repair their friendship? Thoughts on what Bethenny had to say? Was Lisa R asking Bethenny for advice on how to take down Lisa V? Sound off below!

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