Lisa Vanderpump Isn’t Planning On Watching This Season, Says “It Was A Very Difficult Time” On RHOBH!

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are finally back on! Hooray! Not all of the RHOBH stars are planning on watching the show this season, though. Lisa Vanderpump has no plans to watch the show this season, not at the moment anyway. It’s too painful for her right now. Lisa told Entertainment Tonight, “I haven’t seen the episode, I chose not to watch. Personally, it was a very difficult time in my life, especially around the beginning of filming. So I’ve chosen not to go back to that space and not watch it.”

This season is going to be epic and filled with lots of drama. LVP goes through a lot over the course of this season. She has a falling out with one of her best friends, Kyle Richards. Lisa’s brother, Mark Vanderpump, sadly passed away. Due to this Lisa now wishes she had taken a year off from filming. Lisa said, “I wasn’t as prepared for combat as I should’ve been. It hasn’t been a good situation.”

According to People, Lisa explained, “I think this year, with where my mental state was, and I’ve been very honest about that, I struggled a lot, you know, after my brother’s suicide. The first few months it was really difficult, and I was kind of searching for happiness, so, I think you know, when something really significant happens in your life, maybe it does change you, you know?” Lisa said on the show during the premiere episode, “I know my brother well enough to know my brother didn’t mean to do this. It was a cry for help that went horribly wrong. There’s a lot of people who say taking a life is selfish, but I’ve never felt that.”

Lisa shared, “I didn’t do well this year. We spoke a great length about me coming back and so, for me, I kind of floundered, and I think you see that, I don’t know what they’re gonna show, but in my personal life, I just wasn’t doing well after my brother died. It was just very, very difficult and I kept saying ‘I don’t know’ and Vanderpump Rules is more about my business life and we were so far behind schedule and I was trying to open Tom Tom. But for a good few months, I just didn’t do well personally. It’s been incredibly difficult, but we have to keep moving forward and make the people that were so important in our lives proud as they watch down over us.”

In the meantime, Lisa has been keeping herself busy. In addition to the RHOBH and Vanderpump Rules, running her restaurants, and helping charities, she’s been making some positive changes. Lisa said, “My new kitchen is off the hook. I hated the other kitchen; it felt dark and I felt a little depressed in there after what I went through last year, so to rip that out and to have this white and silver sparkling kitchen with beautiful chandeliers is just fabulous. Well, the kitchen was black and I just wanted to have this kind of airy feeling. Villa Rosa is all about the views and the sparkle and the feel-good factor and then I had a very depressing time where I stayed home for six weeks and spent a lot of time sitting in there and the darkness of it. And I just went ‘OK, I want to get rid of it all.’ And I just literally transformed it and it’s fantastic.”

This is going to be an entertaining season of the RHOBH, with many ups and downs. I really feel for Lisa and everything that she’s been going through. It’s very difficult to lose a loved one. I hope that the ladies are all able to kiss and make up soon. I don’t want Lisa to quit the show, I hope she returns next season. I’m looking forward to watching everything play out this season!

Thoughts on Lisa not watching this season of the RHOBH? Thoughts on what Lisa had to say? Do you think they’ll be able to mend their friendships? Do you think Lisa will leave RHOBH or return next season? Share below!

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