Let’s Discuss: RHONJ Finale Ends With a Bang!

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Well that’s it Jersey fans. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t feel that this season disappointed! The new girls brought it, the feuds didn’t come off as manufactured, and as for the finale? Well that was epic as well.

Let’s begin with a tamer scene, it’s a tale as old as time: Joe Gorga is a misogynist and Melissa is trying to change him (good luck girl!) Melissa has been trying for years to have Joe Gorga see that we are in the year 2019 and women work and have roles other than being seen as sex objects. Melissa is concerned it is having a negative influence on their daughter Antonia and has a heart to heart with Joe, practically begging him to stop:

On to the juicy ‘red party’, while the ladies look divine in their sexy red, there is toxicity brewing; however no one can agree which person is the toxic one. If you ask anyone (minus Tre) it’s Danielle. The girl is crazy so I have to agree; however Danielle thinks Marge is guilty. Margaret has been no angel this season so can we both agree that neither is exactly ‘friend of the year’ here?

Now for the scene that we all want to talk about: Margaret throwing a grown ass man in the pool. I mean….what the?? Did this really happen?
A few notes here: Yes, Marty has someone whispering in his ear and yes, he was relentlessly poking the bear; however Margaret was in the wrong as well. What ever happened to being a lady and simply walking away, pride intact? The behavior was disgusting (but it made for good TV) so perhaps Margaret had that in mind when Marty went in:

We end with the tried and true ‘where are they now’ scene and to put it nicely – no one’s doing amazing. Marge got a face lift, Dolores is apartment hunting, Jackie is still making her feud with her sister public, Jen still likes tequila, Melissa hasn’t found her sister and Tre is fighting Joe’s deportation:

So ladies and gentlemen, what are your thoughts on this season? Personally I thought that it was the best it’s been in years but that’s just my humble opinion. What were your thoughts?

Let’s discuss!

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