RHONY: Dorinda Medley Discusses Her Blowout With Sonja Morgan This Season!

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A lot can happen in a New York minute, especially on The Real Housewives of New York!

This season has already been pretty whirlwind when it comes to drama. There is the situation with Carole Radziwill and Bethenny Frankel, and then there are the blowouts between Dorinda Medley and Sonja Morgan. The two Bravo beauties are usually good friends, however; this season they have been at odds a little bit. It seemed like they had moved past the drama from seasons past, when Sonja was mad that Dorinda didn’t invite her to the Birkshires. That led to a bit of a fallout between the two ladies, and there was a lot of arguments the two had publicly when the group would get together for RHONY. Then it seemed like all was going good. However; this season Sonja compared her divorce from Mr. Morgan to Dorinda losing her late husband to death – and it led to a big blowout.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Dorinda Medley explained that she thinks Sonja is just going through something. She said, “I think Sonja is going through a transition. You know, every year we see that she talks about the townhouse, talks about her old marriage. I think this year she really realizes that she’s going to have to make a change.”

As Dorinda put it, Sonja’s husband divorced her. It’s not the same thing as losing someone to death, although it is a loss. In both circumstances, you are left feeling emotional. Both situations also require a lot of change. Carole Radziwill recently defended Dorinda for snapping on Sonja over the comments. Carole said on an episode of Watch What Happens Live, “Yes, I think everyone in the world would agree with that. I mean, this is the way we honor people who have passed on. We talk about them, and in that way we keep their memory alive. I don’t understand what Sonja and everyone who agrees with her, I don’t understand how they don’t understand that?”

Does Dorinda think Sonja did it intentionally? “No, I don’t think she did it intentionally,” Dorinda clarified.

She explained, “I think Sonja has a tendency to focus, a lot of women do this, they focus on the past and they don’t live in the present. Here’s the funny thing: I divorced my first husband about the same time she divorced Mr. Morgan. I barely mentioned my first husband. He’s so much not part of my present day life. You would think the way she speaks of it, number one, that it just happened.”

She went down the list, “Number two, listen, as I said in my blog, divorce is a choice. Whereas death is not, it’s certainly not a choice. It’s something that changes you forever. So I actually have a problem with the comparison at all.”

Dorinda recently celebrated her six year anniversary with John Mahdessian.

I feel for Dorinda, because death is hard. It’s a huge transition and there is no map or timeline for a grieving process. I’m glad she’s open to love and is happy with John. I think she deserves happiness and has a great spirt about her! I don’t think that Sonja meant anything bad by her comments. I feel bad for Sonja because she’s still harboring a lot of emotions after her divorce and I hope she finds peace soon. I think these two beauties will be able to move past it soon, their friendship is stronger than this little disagreement. We’ll have to stay tuned for new RHONY episodes!

Watch this clip of Dorinda and Sonja confronting one another about comments made about their weight levels!

Thoughts on the blowout between Dorinda and Sonja? Predictions for what is to come in the future? Are you liking this new season of RHONY? Share below!

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