Kim Zolciak Biermann Says She’s NOT Racist And Explains RHOA Drama!

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta is always dramatic and entertaining!

Kim Zolciak-Biermann and NeNe Leakes have been feuding over ‘roach-gate’ for awhile. Kim’s daughter Brielle Biermann filmed a bug she saw at Nene’s house while they were all attending a party there. Brielle text her mom Kim, the video. Apparently this is because Kim is fearful of bugs, so it was a warning for Kim to stay out of that section. This is because Kim had a mic on and they were all filming at the time. The video didn’t get out until later. NeNe claims it was a water bug from the pool and thinks it was done intentionally for publicity.

Kim explained, “Well, I think the video was made in good jest. Brielle knows I have a fear of bugs. She made the video, sent it to me personally. Brielle was out of it.” She added, “So Brielle sent the video to me, I had the video on my phone. I was so mad when she said those things accusing me of a fake stroke, fake whatever. So I sent the video.” She clarified she is not a racist. “I’m definitely not racist. I don’t associate roach, spider, whatever, in my mind. I’ve heard it from several people, I hear you, that’s not where my head has ever been at.”

Kim also added that NeNe should hire an exterminator before having a party.

I don’t think Kim is racist and I don’t believe she would lie about having a stroke or being sick. I don’t think taking the video and sending it was a good idea for Kim and Brielle, you never know who’s hands videos can get into. I think Brielle and Kim did it without malicious intentions. I think Kim just reacted when she heard things NeNe was saying about her, but I don’t think the video should have been sent to other people or outlets. I think these ladies need to work on reconciling! They need to handle situations that make them upset in a better way. I feel they should hash everything out once and for all, then move forward.

Watch this clip of Kim explaining everything!

Do you actually think Kim is racist? Thoughts on the feud between Kim and NeNe? Can they ever repair their friendship? Sound off below!

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