RHONJ Recap – Secrets Revealed!

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It’s time for secrets revealed my friends – and I’m hoping it’s finally revealed why this season was so bad (kidding – not really.)

We start off at the reunion (oh joy) with a viewer calling Joe Gorga out on his misogynistic view points. We find out the difference in parenting styles between the sister in laws is because Tre wasn’t allowed to do anything while Melissa was allowed to do everything. For that reason Tre is more lenient while Melissa doesn’t want her children to make the same mistakes that she did.

We see a flashback with the Gorga and Giudice children dying Easter eggs and it’s pretty cute. I love seeing the fun family events and wish this past season had more of this fun/family vibe vs. toxic arguments. We move over to Siggy’s family and a celebration for her father. Siggy is the queen of cakes and makes an amazing cake for her father including some of the books that he has written. I love Siggy’s parents and have so much respect for her fathers work.

Back to the reunion and Andy gives a special shout of to the OG of the Garden state. Tre reflects on her difficult year and states that all of the ladies were there for her and helped her through everything. In the flashbacks we get a taste of the ladies gossiping about dating along with ‘pleasuring’ themselves. Yeah – thanks for that girls!

Keeping on with that theme, the ladies apparently went salsa dancing to help Tre with her ‘frustrations.’ I’m not sure why the ladies were so obsessed with Teresa’s sex life this season but it seems to be a reoccurring theme. Moving on to the ladies who lunch we see Siggy defending Dolores boyfriend who is constantly MIA. Dolores claims to be in love; however her statement seems forced (because she is still in love with Frank.)

On the reunion couch Andy asks Dolores and Siggy if they ever fight which they claim they do. Without a doubt the two are ‘thick as thieves’ however some viewers think they have each others back a little too much. I get always wanting to support your bestie but I do think it’s okay to disagree once in awhile. Dolores claims she calls out Siggy, especially with social media and I have to agree that it’s too much. Melissa states that the haters on social media will destroy your life and that’s the understatement of the season. It’s also pointed out that Siggy and Margaret both refer to themselves in the third person and that the two may have more in common than they realize.

The two even had a few moments including Siggy’s photo shoot for her 50th birthday. It’s almost weird to see them getting along and I think the show would have been more fun if the two actually remained playful with some fun banter. The two are extremely loud/unspoken females that always ‘go there’ so it’s a shame we never got to see that.

On to the Gorga’s restaurant and the infamous sex scene that didn’t make the cut (but AllAboutTRH exclusively broke!) I’m shocked this didn’t make the season considering #CakeGate made the freaking cut. Apparently the ladies think this is normal minus Dolores who thinks it’s gross (and I agree.) If I ever go to Gorga’s Homemade Pasta & Pizza I will NOT be using the bathroom. Yeah..no thanks! Keeping on the restaurant themes we see Joe Gorga and Frank having a beer and talking about Frank moving back in with Dolores. Joey can’t believe the two live under the same room with no benefits as Tarzan no comprende. Frank says some great things about Dolores and I wish the two would just get back together. They seem a better fit that Dolores and her current beau.

The ladies are back on the couch talking about sex and Siggy spills that her 18 year old is doing it and that she buys him condoms. I’m sure poor Joshua is cringing and probably gave his mom an earful after announcing that to millions of viewers. Tre states she wants to be as open with her children and we see a clip of her and Milania on vacation doing some mother/daughter bonding. Tre shares a letter from Joe and she tears up thinking about her hubby. Gia looks forward to her father returning and I think Joe will come out a changed person.

Back in the Garden state, Dolores and her mother are having a healthy lunch as Dolores worries about her mother’s health. Dolores is trying to get her poor mother on board with the most up to date health trends and it’s apparent her mother is very old school and uncomfortable. On the other side of town Melissa and Joey are working at their restaurant trying to find a hostess. Melissa wants to hire a hostess but Joey wants to hire a hot-ness. Joey couldn’t be happier with his pick of finalists as it looks like a NJ bikini competition. If I were Melissa I would hit him upside the head but that’s just me…

We get a little glimpse into Danielle’s engagement and find out that she’s having a huge bridal party and that Teresa will be one of her maids of honor (her daughters being the other two.) Not trying to be skeptical over here but do you think she’s having the cast of RHONJ in her wedding to secure a full time place on RHONJ next season?? We also get to see her engagement which is sweet and I’m also shocked this didn’t make the official cut. Once again…we spent a season arguing about cake but an engagement is left out??

Last but not least we get a little convo about the craziest places that the ladies have ‘sealed the deal.’ For Melissa it was a crowded movie theater (not sure how you can pull that off) and Tre’s was in Punta Cana on the beach which is where Milania was conceived. Marge was apparently part of the mile high club which was apparently pretty technical due to being such a tight space. There’s a great visual for ya!

Well that’s a wrap Bravo fans! Personally I thought the scenes that were deleted where better than the entire season.

Thoughts on secrets revealed??

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